Have you ever wondered how your cat or dog sees?

By Fred

You will now get your answers with AllEyes! The AllEyes experiment is a social 3DExperience offering everyone the ability to see through the eyes of animals you are familiar with. Watch this:

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Based on actual scientific data, the objective is to teach both children & adults about animal vision by immersing oneself into a 3D visual interactive simulation. Beyond individual differences (nearsightedness, color-blindness, etc), all human eyes see the same. However, our binocular vision is very different from that of most animals: indeed, eyes are not always even placed in the same way in the animal kingdom – or even designed to see the same things humans see. You will be able to experience what they see, what they feel, and what are their constraints in a real time 3D evnironment, moving around Place Vendôme (coming from our Paris3D experience :wink: ), one of the most prestigious square in Paris.

This 3D Experience comes with two modes:

  • A simulation part, where adults and teachers can learn and explain better, switching back and forth from animal to human vision
  • Mini-games for each animal, where players have to circumvent the constraints of animal vision to get the best scores

A Scientific committee led by Dr. Didier Schmidt-Morand, Veterinary Ophthalmologist, is behind this project to provide data and studies enabling a scientific simulation and validate the real life conformity. To learn more and answer all your questions, we invite you to join the dedicated social community to discuss and interact with the subject matter experts.

Play now the AllEyesOnParis 3D Experience. It’s online, fun, and free! Enjoy! :D

When real and virtual merge

By Richard

As promised here, Quentin, our Virtual Race Contest Winner, shares his thoughts about the Offhore Racing with Michel Desjoyeaux 3D Serious Game compared to the real thing.

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Keep 3D-ing,


Staying Alive, keep the beat in 3D

By Victorien

Do you recall one of Saturday Night Fever’s best songs called “Stayin’ Alive” and performed by the Bee Gees?

Under most circumstances, you would not keep the beat of this song in your head, but heart specialists have come up with one good reason to remember it: It could save someone’s life. Turns out the hit is very close to 100 beats per minute, a perfect number to maintain the best rhythm for performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or CPR, when faced with a person suffering a cardiac arrest.

In order to learn the right reflexes and techniques, Dassault Systèmes and Ilumens have created the Staying Alive 3D Lifelike experience, available at www.stayingalive.fr/en. Playing the witness (in your office, the street or even during a soccer game), you have 4 minutes to react, call emergency services, perform CPR and use a defibrillator. Staying Alive 3D online experience was launched to support the World Heart Day organized by the World Health Organization

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Children already spend a huge amount of time playing games and the trend is not expected to slow down anytime soon. Therefore, why not create a serious experience that still generates emotion, fun and entertainment, and use it to educate, train and inform the general public?

In fact, could games actually make us better? The gamification of extremely serious experiences can enhance the learning curve: learning by doing in a virtual environment involves the process by which game mechanics are added into work or social processes in order to drive user engagement and hook them into further participation.

While only 3% to 4% of people survive from cardiac arrest in France, they are 30% in Seattle, thanks to basic training taught at school and defibrillators being setup in public places, at work or simply in the street next to homes. Indeed, heart attacks mainly happen at home or in the office and in 80% of cases with no medical staff around, which means everyone (including children) need to be trained.

Then, will children teach Adults? With Staying Alive, they will play, save lives in 3D and hopefully, back from school, will teach parents to do the same. By training all of you, we can improve the surviving rate!


Fred Vacher @ fvr(at)3ds.com

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