Enter into the 4th Industrial Revolution

By Diana

The way goods are produced today is completely different, and so are the goods produced.

With the new trends in technology, consumers can now influence design and control production, and manufacturers are now able to adapt quickly to specific consumer demands.

I think we can say that “The rules of the game have changed”.

This big shift is particularly exciting for consumers who are able to see the results of their input taken into consideration. Gone are the days when manufacturers were not aligned with consumer feedback. Today the technology exists for the development and creation processes to engage consumers earlier to poll for their ideas and opinions. Consumers can become a part of the development process.

I’m sure you’re now curious to see how this is made possible.

Discover 10 trends that will build the 4th Industrial Revolution and what solutions are available to help you lead the change  :-)

Boost efficiency by streamlining digital communication

By Olivier

If you’re more into comics, check out directly the bottom of this post :wink:

From our recent case study about Jakob Müller, thinkers of the international Industrial Equipment (IE) and manufacturing sector say that to satisfy customer requirements companies must be able to rapidly transfer development and production of a product to any of its globally located sites. A key element of companies’ demand and supply equation is easy access to data regardless of where it is located. It is a matter of efficiency. Any effective leader understands this especially in a world that is more connected than ever. But while being connected facilitates communication and opens new channels for consumers to express their needs it also puts pressure on companies to satisfy their customers’ growing expectations and still make a profit. Customize and cater to local preferences, yes, but not at any price.

A dilemma.

But not for everyone. IE companies in the know can produce more products tailored to customer expectations while keeping costs in check by using tools that provide all need-to-know actors with easy access to product data, previously designed components, intellectual property, and workflows from anywhere in the world, seamlessly and naturally. Products are released to market faster because bottlenecks inherent with inefficient management of a multi-site development organization are avoided.

Not possible you say?

Well, as a matter of fact, it is possible by working with a single source of product truth in a unique and unified environment. No more wasting time looking for information. No more errors because decisions were made based on outdated data. Single Source for Speed Industry Solution Experience is the answer for IE companies with a global footprint that deal with the complexities of industrial machine production in a digitally connected age and that need to integrate various disciplines like mechanical, electrical, piping and structural in the same data model. All actors can share, collaborate, exchange ideas and work as a community from anywhere on a single source of 3D product data. Utopic, you say? It is already being done thanks to 3DEXPERIENCE  :-)

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Helping prepare Rwanda’s students for the future with SolidWorks

By Matthew

As some of you may know, we at SolidWorks have been active in Rwanda for a number of years. SolidWorks’ founder Jon Hirschtick first heard of Rwandan president Kagame’s vision for improving Rwandan design and manufacturing education from a friend (and SolidWorks customer) in 2005.

Jon and former CEO Jeff Ray initially helped with creating an engineering software program for local technical colleges, including ETO Gitarama, ETO Muhima and the Kigali Institute of Technology (KIST). SolidWorks provided courseware for design and manufacturing, materials that teachers could use in the classroom, models by which students could learn to digitally create products and embark on careers in 3D design and product development.

SolidWorks later joined with the Rwandan government and Innnovate3D (a division of TenLinks) to create Gasabo 3D, a provider of 3D CAD modeling services to global industries. Today Gasabo 3D is also reverse-engineering the parts used in internationally-made farm equipment, allowing Rwandan engineers to quickly fabricate replacement components or entirely new machines in a short period of time.

One of the teams here at Dassault Systemes recently created a short video about our involvement for a film contest hosted by the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship. We encourage you to watch it, and if you’re so inclined, vote for the video to proceed to the next stage of the contest (our video is listed as Dassault Systemes).

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