How a leading Furniture company can implement design-for-cost strategies and launch products faster?

By Lauriane
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Nowy Styl Group is a European leader in comprehensive furniture solutions and the third largest manufacturer of office furniture in Europe. They have selected “My Product Portfolio”, a Dassault Systèmes industry solution experience, to design, develop and deliver more innovative products and accelerate new product introductions.

“Dassault Systèmes’ industry solution experience helps our technical departments, personnel, partners and suppliers better communicate and monitor and detect issues early in the development process to optimize product quality. These capabilities reduce development and manufacturing time and costs and improve our time to market.” said Tomasz Bardzik, CTO Nowy Styl Group.


To understand how Nowy Styl Group can implement design-for-cost strategies and launch products faster and in compliance with sustainability targets and safety norms, Watch the video and Listen to Tomasz Bardzik, CTO of Nowy Styl Group


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And the winner of the “Seating Experience” CATIA Design Contest 2013 is…

By Arnaud
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First things first, we would like to thank all participants for the wonderful projects provided for the CATIA Design Contest “Seating Experience – When Shape meets Function”! Great job :D

Then, we are pleased to announce and congratulate our winner Vinay Reddy for his “SPACE TIME” Seating Experience Project!

Vinay Reddy is coming from Bangalore, India. He is interested in many topics including Product Design, Industrial Design, Product Design, Social Innovation, Affordable Healthcare, Solar lighting and Energy! Vinay is particularly motivated by the creation of innovative products. Both contemporary and aesthetic, his “SPACE TIME” project provides many features all the while saving space. It truly fits with the spirit of the CATIA Design Contest 2013 “When Shape meets Function”!

Vinay shared with us the creative process he followed to develop the “SPACE TIME” concept:

It took about 3 Weeks for Vinay to complete his project : about 2 weeks for idea development and concepts generation; and another week to finish modeling, rendering and presentations. Vinay has been using CATIA for over a year, he got to learn how to use it during a previous work experience at Ashok Leyland — designing automotive components. He is familiar with surface and solid modeling. He used the CATIA V5 – Mechanical Design workshop to design “SPACE TIME”.

Last but not least, we have the great pleasure to give away to the TOP 3 Seating Experience projects a 3D print of their respective seats!  :-)

Space Time by Vinay Reddy

Space Time by Vinay Reddy








Curviligne chair

Curviligne chair








Sofa Tactical by Dominik Wöllm

Sofa Tactical by Dominik Wöllm



Arnaud is a member of the CATIA – Creative Design team

I’m in Milan with Designer Tom Dixon, Virtually

By Kate
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fred at milan furniture fair1This morning Fred Vacher contacted me from the Milan Furniture Fair.  Where Fred is, 3D is, so I was curious to see what was in his zip attachment.

Seems Fred has been helping furniture designer Tom Dixon add some 3D and virtual to his stand.

If you’d like to check out Tom’s designs and stand virtually, and, hey, maybe even bump into Virtual Tom, try out his public 3DVIA Scenes for free.  I’ve embedded it further down in this post.

This is Fred and Tom.


This is a design in Tom’s new Industry collection.

Tom Dixon_Milan_Peg Chair

This is the same design in 3DVIA Scenes.

Tom Dixon-Virtual-Milan-Peg-Chair1

This is me broswing Tom’s collection virtually.


virtual milan 1*

Addendum: I received some feedback that the way I sized the embedded scene “Virtual Milan” limited the virtual experience, so to replace the embedded scene, I’ve added a hyperlink to the full deal on  Please click on the image above to visit the scene.

Some Virtual Milan tips from my maiden voyage:

  • Opt for the Virtual Tour (let’s you zoom into the collection bits without stumbling around)
  • Move one click at a time (will help you avoid wall collisions, etc.)
  • Use your mouse to click on designs you like (will give you model information; name, specs, etc.)

If Fred can stop drinking Italian espressos and admiring all that furniture design, I may have some more “live” footage for you.  (Sorry Fred; I’m just jealous you’re there and I’m not.)

So, do you like Tom’s new collection?  I like the Mirror Ball Lights the best.  Et vous?



P.S. Fred tells me Tom designs in SolidWorks and then imports to  Which, BTW, if you’re in the US or UK, you can download Tom’s models from, try, then buy.

P.P.S  I do NOT get a commission for any Tom Dixon models sold on  Darn!