World-Changing Dreamers

By Aurelien
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“IF WE ask the right questions, we can change the world”… Last summer, we asked what were YOUR World-Changing Dreams. The idea was pretty simple: sharing dreams with just a sentence beginning with the words “IF WE”.  Through a contest called the “IF WE Challenge”, we would collect those through Facebook, Twitter,, our blogs and third-party blogs. Oh, and because you could share your “IF WE” Dream through Twitter, it had to be not longer than 140 characters… pretty much a challenge in itself! :)

Anyway, we collected as many as 550 contributions from all over the world! We boiled them down to about 85 of them (with criteria of interest, feasibility, fit with sustainability…). Then we got back in touch with authors and asked them for more details about their ideas. Boiled down again to about 20 that we submitted to the final Jury. Then the Jury came up with our 3 final lucky winners (in our next blog post series, we’ll let you know more about each winner and their respective projects):

  1. Geoffrey Cooper, Canada: “IF WE designed a rolling tree planting robot, we could send them out to replant forests and restore deserted lands. Let’s make it happen!”
  2. Ismael Moreno Cendejas, Mexico: “IF WE design more exoskeletons we can help more people with different capacity”
  3. Andjelic Zoran, Serbia: “IF WE have enough 3D printers, we could make custom made prosthetic limbs for all victims of landmines and renew their faith in science”

Yet in the process of selecting the dreams, we found that others were also pretty cool so we came up with this short video illustrating 10 of them:

YouTube Preview Image

Thank you to Ozgur (Turkey), Hemanth (India), Christopher (France), Cristian (Cameroon), Josh (United States), Andjelic (Serbia), Marinescu (Romania), Noam (Israel), Swapnil (India), Goeffrey (Canada)… and thanks again to all participants of the “IF WE Challenge” in 2012!

And expect a new edition of the Challenge in 2013! :D

Do YOU have a World-Changing Dream?

By Aurelien
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IF WESo this is a call to all day-dreamers out there  :D

“IF WE could harvest just one iceberg, we could provide half a million people with fresh water for a year.” Georges Mougin dreamed of harvesting icebergs to help address the water scarcity challenge, and with the power of 3DEXPERIENCE, he was able to prove that his dream could become real.

Watch this :

YouTube Preview Image


Now, do YOU have a world-changing dream?

Share your own world-changing dream with the world by coming up with a 140-character statement starting with the words “#IFWE” (e.g., “#IFWE harvest icebergs, just one could provide half a million people with fresh water for a year”) and enter it in the text box to the right.

We’re looking forward to your most innovative, ambitious and awesome “IF WE Dreams”! They will be rewarded, with prize values up to $15,000 to bring your dream to life! See more details about how to participate.

IF WE ask the right questions, we can change the world! And remember, the only limit is YOUR imagination!

DSCC 2010 Isn’t About PLM or CAD

By Derek
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It is that time again, people.  We’re ramping up to Dassault Systèmes Customer Conference 2010, DS’s premier North America customer event.  You’ll hear Ford, you’ll hear Procter & Gamble, you’ll hear from customers how the future is being envisioned and created, as well as from CEO Bernard Charlès.  You’ll see more of Exalead, the search-based application technology recently acquired by Dassault Systèmes, you’ll hear from customers in CPG, Energy, Auto, Aero, Life Sciences and a variety of other industries.

Woo hoo.  No really, what’s the big woop, right?


This isn’t a software conference.  This isn’t about spreadsheets, about data management, about CAD or PLC code.  This is an innovation conference.  This is where dreamers, thinkers, innovators come to talk, share ideas, brainstorm.

Last year’s conference set the stage for this and articulated my point perfectly.  We asked regular Orlando passers-by what PLM was.  What did it stand for?  We asked them what their sunglasses, their handbags, their cars, their shirts have in common.  The amusing Jay-Walking style video (below) was instructive.

YouTube Preview Image

Fabien Fedida, our director of global offer strategy, put it perfectly afterwards, looking out at the audience of customers, prospects, innovators all, “You make it all happen.  Each one of you is part of an amazing thing.  You make all of those things exist.”

PLM is more than software, folks.  You know it.  Don’t tell me you don’t!  The air of DSCC last year was thick with interest and creativity.  It was a palpable feeling walking the halls of the Renaissance Orlando Resort.  PLM 2.0 is about dreams.  PLM 2.0 is about bringing your dreams, your customers’ dreams to life.  It is about envisioning a future of socially-networked innovation.  It is about pervasive, ubiquitous 3D to make those collaborative dreams visible, interactive and REAL.

Orlando, Florida, November 9-10.  The decision-makers, the dreamers, the individuals behind huge market successes will be there, Dreaming to Life and Envisioning the Future.

What’s your dream and how will you bring it to life?  Check DSCC 2010 out at and join us!