2010 Paris Motor Show

By Kate

Today I had the pleasure of accompanying our very own automotive strategy/eco warrior Jonathan Dutton to the Paris Motor Show.  It’s a worldwide gig that happens every two years, and THE rednez-vous for any one working in or interested in the automotive industry. 

Now I’m not a car fanatic like Mr. Dutton, so until he blogs his auto show perspective on Monday (i.e. stay tuned), I thought I’d offer up some Friday evening photos and a thought:

There’s another side to the auto show that maybe you wouldn’t normally think of—a side without ‘car babes’ and metal. 

Here’s a visual tour of what caught my attention . . .

Were you there?  Feel free to add your own photos and thoughts in the comments section.  Meanwhile get ready for Mr. Dutton and more serious business on Monday . . .

Bon weekend!


CATIA Is Now in the Beauty Business!

By Caroline

Have you heard of the “Beyond Beauty” expo happening the other week in Paris?  As part of my role as CATIA social media intern, I got to be there for opening day!

You might wonder why Dassault Systèmes would even be at a ‘beauty’ event.  The answer is simply because the beauty business is not only fragrances, blush and lip gloss; all those products have a common thread, the packaging and design.  This is where Dassault Systèmes comes into play.

All these products need, in order to stand out from each other, a certain Design communicating an emotion, a feeling, an experience that incites consumers to buy them.  Dassault Systèmes provides solutions for the Beauty industry to develop innovative, winning products.

At Dassault Systèmes I hear a lot about the product’s entire value-chain, from concept design to planning and supply processes.  And from what I understand, CATIA offers we we call a “unified industrial design workflow solution to imagine, create, share and experience your future products.”  (Thank you marketing brochure ;-))

For Dassault Systèmes’ Beyond & Beauty stand, our CATIA Creative Designers Team was present, exhibiting a project focused on the creation and design of a perfume bottle and packaging.   They showed what we could do with CATIA and how easy it is to imagine (while you design) a new perfume bottle in few minutes.    Here’s a video showing a bit of their project:

YouTube Preview Image

We shared our booth with our partners Noomeo, RaisonPure and Strate College Designers.  While all of them had interesting things to share, I’d like to zoom in on Noomeo.

Noomeo , for those who don’t know, is  a company that makes the hand scanners which can scan various objects directly in 3D, or in other words, easily and quickly help you to visualize in 3D! Noomeo can scan any object and then on the screen a few seconds later, you can see the shape of the object in a cloud of small dots.  After a few scans you’ll have the replica of your object. It’s awesome to see it in action, because it’s truly simple of use. Here’s a little video interview with Noomeo’s André Joly and another of his colleagues.  You’ll get to see the magic in action:

YouTube Preview Image

I never suspected blogging about Beauty would be part of my CATIA internship, but what a fun turn!

So what do you think about CATIA and Beauty?



Caroline Heleu is interning for CATIA.

Verney Yachts Ocean F1: Part 3 (World Record!)

By Tom

Verney Yachts are well on their way to a robust and speedy 3D design of their yacht V39-Albatross, but what happens once it’s built? Well then is when the fun really gets going! With their innovative wing-sail and usage of composite materials, the V39-Albatross will glide along on a cushion of air above the water’s surface, and will be piloted like an airplane.

Why are they going to all this effort you may ask?

The main reason the Verney team is approaching the boat’s design and virtual testing  with the detailed professionalism of an F1 team is because they’re aiming to break a world record. They’ve publically set themselves the goal – on their website homepage it reads:

“Our Challenge: Set a new world outright sailing speed record at 60 to 65 knots (70 to 75 mph, 110 to 120 km/h)”

As always a world record doesn’t come easily. They have to sail the boat on two timed runs between 500m markers and take the average of the two runs’  speed as the record attempt. Also, as this is a sailing record, no power other  wind power may be used. Even the control systems on the boat must be manual.

None of these challenges have put the team off the record attempt, if anything it’s spurred them on! This dedication shows a real Passion for Innovation and I hope that my blog mini-series has given you an insight into the world of Verney Yachts. The work that Verney has done really projects their thoughts and imagination for everyone to see. Cheesy as it is it’s really helped me to understand the phrase “See What You Mean” that we use here at DS.

That’s all for now folks, I’ll keep you updated on the project as it progresses and you can follow them too: www.verneyyachts.com


P.S. Part one and two if you missed them.

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