Takeuchi Streamlines Product Development with 3DEXPERIENCE

By Alyssa
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With rising investment in infrastructure around the globe, the heavy construction equipment industry is poised for a high rate of growth.  Clearly, that is good news for companies in that industry.  But there is a hitch. At the same time, those very companies are faced with adapting their businesses to meet the needs of the Experience Economy, which has created an environment where customers are increasingly demanding custom machine configurations.  How can a company transform itself in a time of high demand?

This was the challenge faced by Takeuchi, a 50-year old Japanese construction equipment manufacturer with a reputation as a market innovator that produces high-quality products.  Takeuchi set a goal to streamline its development processes in order to help them accelerate delivery of products that meet both customer and regulatory requirements.

Among the key first steps was improving internal processes and unifying a collection of different and incompatible information systems.  Takeuchi chose Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE solutions to provide its employees with an integrated platform for all product-related activities.  This is not limited to its product development designers: Takeuchi’s other departments such as production control and production engineering have access to system data as well.


With this platform, we avoid a patchwork-like system of different solutions from different vendors, which is a nightmare to coordinate.”


Read a new case study to learn more about the benefits Takeuchi has gained from 3DEXPERIENCE, including:

  • the ability to create more product variants with a fewer number of parts
  • increased re-use of existing parts
  • reduced lead times for new product introductions
  • eliminating the need for physical prototypes

New way of doing things within the High Tech Industry

By Dominique
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Change is definitely persistent in my world. 

Activity for DS in the Construction (AEC) is taking off, you may have seen and heard about some of the initial elements – if not, see here (Live Buildings).  Though my role with our AEC team was just begining, I’ve been asked and accepted to perform a similar role helping DS develop online business & communities with a focus in the High-Tech (HT) industry.

One of the things I really like about my new role is getting back in front of our customers.  Following some recent High-Tech customer meetings, I have heard some recurring business objectives mentioned: 

  • Increase efficiency with Real-time, Online collaboration,
  • Increase quality via a common online platform integrating multiple partners and suppliers, and in such a highly competitive market,
  • Security and traceability on all product development activity. 
  • Need to better connect with the targeted consumer early and throughout the process to try to ensure product success when released  (consider that today about 52% of all products released to market fail – based on an AMR Research market study).

It is amazing to me to see how customers in HT are working with us to develop new tools and methods to push innovation and productivity further. 

Clarion Malaysia is a customer using V6 PLM Express for both styling and mechanical design to improve business with better productivity, innovation and creativity.  Toshihuki Nakazaki-san, Deputy Managing Director, stated that “V6 PLM Express provides us with a new way of doing things, is aligned with our objective, and offers great scalability at a competitive price.”  Learn more about the results as shared by our latest customer success with Clarion here: Customer Stories  or Flyer

In my High-Tech community role, I’m seeking to learn more about you, more about innovative ways online that we at DS may help you to achieve your goals. 

I’d love to hear from you either online or offine, with ideas or things you dream about to do business more efficiently, or differently.  Don’t be shy, please share any comments or ideas below!

Cheers,  Dominique

How Can You Hear the Voice of Your Customers?

By Oleg
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Last time I talked about the connection between PLM and World Content. You can see my previous post here where I explore the connection between physical and virtual worlds.

But what about the connection between the virtual worlds we use to develop products using PLM 2.0 technologies and the virtual worlds of our customers? They are not the same.

This is should be pretty cool, right?

When I first time thought about it, my initial take was about simply analyzing and monitoring social networks. You can learn a lot by trying to search what people are saying about your product on Twitter. Try http://search.twitter.com and you can discover a lot of news about your product and/or services.

YouTube Preview Image

But you can go and discover much more information about what you customers are saying by analyzing and monitoring different Web content. Take a look on this cool video from Calif. company Attensity.

YouTube Preview Image

So, what we learned. PLM has a huge potential to be connected to the outside worlds of consumers, not only by providing virtual services related to designing and manufacturing products, but, I believe, in the future also by analyzing how to listen to the voice of your end customers, the consumers of the same products.

What do you think?

Best, Oleg