Why CGI is important for small and medium-sized businesses

By Alyssa
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by Tim Rau, Head of Experience Creation, 3DEXCITE

Computer Generated Imagery, or CGI, has long since transcended its role as a niche sales and marketing tool that only a select few can access or afford, and has became a powerhouse must-have weapon in today’s hyperconnected business landscape. Proof of its ubiquitous status can be found in many of the latest car advertisements, print imagery, and as the sole driving force for the latest immersive VR experiences.  CGI’s flexibility and capacity to scale across all digital devices and platforms gives it an edge that practical photo shoots and antiquated content creation methods cannot match. Case in point: while advertisements crafted with CGI can be continuously refined and improved because they originate from a digital source, photo shoots are more or less set in stone once the initial shoot takes place, aside from what Photoshop can accomplish, and are subject to costly reshoots if the product or advertising need changes.

Using the same technology that powers Hollywood’s superhero-laden, assault-on-the-senses blockbusters, CGI for sales and marketing is capable of realistically visualizing any concept or idea, no matter how far-fetched. In today’s economy, where some of the fastest growing businesses revolve around innovative software or service concepts, this is an extremely powerful mechanism. Many companies, especially small and medium-sized businesses, need to generate buzz and gain visibility before their products actually exist, in order to survive in a world dominated by big brands and multinational conglomerates that leverage massive marketing budgets to drown out their competitors. CGI not only allows businesses to generate marketing materials at an earlier stage of product development than has previously been possible, it also shortens the sales cycle, enabling small businesses and start-ups to get their products to market sooner. When fledgling organizations seek funding from interested venture capitalists, or crowdsource their operating budget from sites like Kickstarter, CGI provides them with essential promotional content that allows potential backers to visually understand the benefit of, and need for, their product or service.
Crafting sales and marketing collateral with CGI allows for minute segmentation of, and carefully orchestrated interaction with, a business’ target audience. For example, a marketing campaign launched on Facebook or Snapchat would interact with, and reach, audiences in vastly different capacities than a national TV advertisement would. The lesson is: content must be carefully curated to take advantage of the specific strengths of the platform it is being launched on. To antidote traditional content creation methods that quickly stagnate, CGI allows for trial and error analysis in multiple ways. Scenes can easily be tested and restructured; whereas, a photo shoot is oftentimes too expensive to reshoot, and its output is limited by time and budgetary constraints. Digital content offers marketing and advertising professionals many extra degrees of flexibility and freedom. Different viewing angles can be achieved with just a few mouse clicks. Product colors can be tried and tested just as easily. With CGI, the limitations of physical production are a thing of the past.

The most time-consuming aspect of producing quality CGI is conceptualizing a product or scene, and creating all creative assets from scratch. As a basic analogy, creating CGI is akin to building a LEGO® scene – the more digital bricks you have to start with, the quicker, easier and less expensive the process becomes. Today, many CGI assets, such as objects, materials, environments and animations have already been professionally generated, and are digitally available through a multitude of online libraries and marketplaces. Starting with a CGI workflow is easier, more affordable and creatively empowering than ever before. Simply locate the digital content and let the creatives – get creative.

By adopting a digital workflow for product design, and a CGI strategy for marketing, small companies with modest marketing budgets can vastly accelerate and improve the outcome of their often make-or-break campaigns. Options for this kind of speed and creative freedom were previously only available to companies with marketing budgets that were far out of reach for most organizations. Thanks to increasingly affordable and accessible technology, software platforms and services, small and medium-sized businesses now have access to the CGI content creation capabilities that allow them to confidently compete toe-to-toe with their deep-pocketed rivals.

Please contact 3DEXCITE for more information, let us help you accelerate your business.




ENOVIA Keys to 3DEXPERIENCE – Italy User Group Meeting

By Matthew
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Less management, More Innovation

Milan Keys Banner

You and your customers are cordially invited to attend the 2016 ENOVIA Keys to 3DEXPERIENCE User Group Meeting in Milan, Italy, coming June 23rd (Thursday).

Less management, More Innovation” is the theme of this year’s ENOVIA User Group Meeting

This June 23, Dassault Systèmes is pleased to invite you to the Keys to 3DEXPERIENCE roadshow 2016, to be held in Milan at the Spazio MIL.  It is a day dedicated to the confrontation with the world’s leading experts and the community ‘ENOVIA to educate, inspire and foster collaboration for the passage and adoption of 3DEXPERIENCE platform.


Stephan Declee ENOVIA CEO

There are many reasons to attend:


  • Stephane Declee, CEO, ENOVIA, will tell us how to turn ideas into experiences, with an environment that is not file-based, but data-driven, and one which facilitates collaboration and innovation, thus creating a modular product platform for an extensive and global company.
  • Yannick Audoir, ENOVIA R&D VP, will cover topics such as the new ENOVIA 2016x:  “Powered
    Yannick Audoir VP of R&D, ENOVIA

    Yannick Audoir
    VP of R&D, ENOVIA

    By” the adoption of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform in an xCAD context, the ergonomic development of User Experience, to the availability of ENOVIA solutions on mobile devices.

  • Find out more on “Disruptive Engineering” and act quickly to capitalize on market opportunities while increasing design productivity, 3D tools and PLM Dashboarding Analytics in order to get faster decisions and gain a competitive advantage.
  • Hear testimony from leading companies that cultivate passion for innovation!

The cases of these clients you will hear at the meeting are representative of the current reality in which real-time collaboration among design offices and global product development teams has become essential to increase competitiveness by expanding the range of products and through the opening of new markets.

The concept of innovation always involves teams around the world working together with global information in a social cMilan-Keys-3DEXPERIENCEontext with the utmost clarity, confidence and consistency.

Do not miss this event as by attending, you will learn of the deep value offered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and ENOVIA solutions.

Click HERE for the details, agenda and registration.  We suggest you REGISTER NOW as seats are limited.

See you in Milan!

“Meno Gestione, Più Innovazione” è il tema dell’evento ENOVIA di quest’anno.

Il 23 Giugno Dassault Systèmes ha il piacere di invitarti al Keys to 3DEXPERIENCE roadshow 2016, che si terrà a Milano presso lo Spazio MIL.

Si tratta di una giornata dedicata al confronto con i maggiori esperti mondiali e la comunita’ di ENOVIA per informare, stimolare e favorire la collaborazione per il passaggio e l’adozione della piattaforma 3DEXPERIENCE.

MilanoKeysBlogImageCi sono molte ragioni per partecipare:

  • Stephane Declee, CEO di ENOVIA, ci racconterà come trasformare le idee in esperienze, con un ambiente non più file-based, ma data-driven, che facilita la collaborazione e l’innovazione, creando così la piattaforma di prodotto modulare per l’azienda estesa e globale.
  • Yannick Audoir, ENOVIA R&D VP, ci farà scoprire le novità di ENOVIA 2016x: dal “Power By” per l’adozione della 3DEXPERIENCE platform in contesti xCAD, agli sviluppi ergonomici della User Experience, fino alla disponibilità delle soluzioni ENOVIA sui dispositivi mobile.
  • Per saperne di piu’ sul Disruptive Engineering, atto a capitalizzare velocemente le opportunità di mercato e aumentare la produttività del design, e agli strumenti di 3D Dashboarding e PLM Analytics, per prendere decisioni piu’ velocemente  ed acquisire un vantaggio competitivo sui concorrenti.
    Per ascoltare le testimonianze di aziende leader che coltivano la passione per l’innovazione:

Milan-KeysI casi di questi clienti sono rappresentativi di una realtà in cui la collaborazione in tempo reale tra gli uffici di design e di prodotto sparsi nel mondo, diventa fondamentale per aumentare la competitività attraverso l’ampliamento della gamma dei propri prodotti e l’apertura di nuovi mercati.

Il concetto di innovazione implica sempre di più che i team in tutto il mondo collaborino con informazioni globali in un contesto sociale nel massimo della chiarezza, della fiducia e della coerenza.

Non mancare a questo appuntamento, potrai toccare con mano come il valore della 3DEXPERIENCE platform e delle soluzioni ENOVIA.

CLICCA QUI per i dettagli , agenda e registrazione.  REGISTRATI sin da ora, i posti sono limitati.

Ci vediamo a Milano!

YouTube Preview Image

Excitement Engineered: RTT Becomes 3DEXCITE

By Aurelien
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3DEXCITE logoLast December, we announced the acquisition of Realtime Technology (RTT), including Bunkspeed. We welcomed a talented team of over 750 people to the Dassault Systemes family, bringing with them breathtaking rendering technology and design services.

YouTube Preview Image

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that RTT is adopting a new name and identity as the latest 3DS brand: 3DEXCITE. In fact, you could say that we’re “3DEXCITEd!”

The creation of the 3DEXCITE brand is much more than a renaming of RTT. It embodies our conviction that 3DEXPERIENCE goes well beyond engineering, enhancing the entire business cycle across all communication channels with powerful, streamlined and efficient storytelling tools.

In today’s experience economy, competitive differentiation rarely happens from a purely technological standpoint. The emotional experience offered along with a product is often the key to opening (or expanding) new market opportunities. Listen to Monica Menghini, Dassault Systemes EVP Corporate Strategy, Industry and Marketing, explain how innovations happen in the experience economy:

YouTube Preview Image

But how can this emotion be conveyed from Design and Engineering to Marketing and Sales? Take a look at the image below (via Wikipedia) showing the different stages of PLM.

PLM stages (source: Wikipedia)

Today, most PLM vendors can address the Design, Engineering or Manufacturing stages with mature solutions. But can they address the Marketing (upstream experiences) and Sales (downstream experiences) stages? With the addition of 3DEXCITE, Dassault Systemes adds these capabilities. Now you can seamlessly leverage the original, single source 3D Master from Design and Engineering across Marketing and Sales, offering a virtual–and accurate–experience to your final customer or consumer. That’s 3DEXCITE on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform: Excitement Engineered.

So, are you 3DEXCITEd? Learn more about 3DEXCITE on www.3ds.com/3dexcite, and follow @3DEXCITE on Twitter!