Mr. Texturesaurus-Rex, what do you think about this?

By Kate
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I recently had the pleasure to meet Mr. Texturesaurs-Rex (above).  My first spy was from BostonDave‘s Twitter feed, and then I followed him to Cliff’s Clips and see that he’s a veritable 3D star, featured in at least two videos.

So when Jérôme from Barcelona sent me this commercial this morning (gracias!), I couldn’t help but think of Mr. Texturesaurus.  Notice the clever use of texture in the below clip:

Ok, this is an ad selling paper, so the 2D references are perfectly excuseable.  Yet the mix between 2D paper scribble, 3D and mixed reality hits me like poetry.  

Tex-Rex, what’s your assessment?  



Mobi3 Moments: Snippets from a DS Project Manager

By Charles
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I’ve been involved in the Mobi3 project for 9 months and wanted to share some moments. But first, if you don’t know what is Mobi3, here’s a 1 minute video that recaps the project:

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s a look at my Mobi3 perspectives, journal style:

May 28th, 2009: Paris

9:30 a.m., @ the IBM tower. As a representative of Dassault Systèmes, I’m here to evaluate one year of work and research made by kids chosen among 120 middle school students from economically disadvantaged neighborhoods in Paris.

Final presentaion in Paris

Final presentaion in Paris

10:00 a.m., The first group enters the room to present its project. The goal: discover the product design and development process of a mobile phone. I’m very surprised by their easiness to present their new phone in front of a jury of professionals from companies such as SFR, Nokia, Dassault Systèmes, DLA Piper… I’m also impressed by their ability to explain in details each phase of the conception: from design to manufacturing through intellectual property and commercialization.

12:00 a.m., lunch break: I decide to join a group of students talking about their performance. They seem very proud and happy to have accomplished something: They started with this mission a year ago and went through several steps from visiting each partner company to the conception of their mobile phone, at least the 3D model. During our conversations, the students told me that they would like to use 3DVIA Shape for their personal use. Eh hop! On top of catching their interest for this project, they are now personally implicated and ready to learn, work, and play in 3D!

Vsiti of the Nokia Design Studio in London

Nokia Design Studio Visit in London

July 2nd, 2009: London

9:00 a.m., @ Piccadilly Circus. We are on the verge of visiting the Nokia Design Lab. The 2009 winning team is very excited to see and to present their project in front of professionals and discover how these people are working for real!

2:00 p.m. @ The London Eye: After a great presentation in English in front of Nokia designers, it’s time to have fun! In the London Eye, the winning team is exploring London and congratulates themselves for this great success!

Bravo kids! I’m very proud of you!


Charles Bonnassieux works in Dassault Systèmes’ Academic department.

Ohio Drivers May Paint Local Bridge FEA Red

By Kate
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Hi everyone,

First, welcome back from your summer adventures! I’m surfacing after some time away and getting back into the ‘back-to school’ swing. This weekend I was catching up on some emails and came across an article that tickled my fancy. Impassioned Ohio drivers getting worked up about a local bridge on the verge of collapsing.

Looking at the ensemble of article + 19 comments, it seems that the bridge shows signs of degradation, yet the state transportation department has been pouring resources into the construction of new roads.

Until the 3D FEA analysis software was tapped.

Abaqus FEA software, also used for complex engineering, innovations in diapers and even the study of bed sores, has helped the ODOT scientifically conclude that indeed the bridge is on the verge of failure. So rather than enhancing the existing structure as originally planned, they’ve determined it’s more life-and-cost-efficient to eliminate the current bridge and start anew.

“No duh” say some of the local citizens, and they’re pushing hard for construction action now, rather than waiting until 2014.

One of the commenters suggests they literally paint the FEA analysis onto the bridge to show exactly where the red-zone’s located (red being the crumble danger zone), hopefully garnering immediate action. ;-)

And there was even someone that shared wish lists of color schemes and aesthetics for the new bridge.

Which got me to thinking: Ohio, why not go further than the FEA analysis?

You can share a 3D model of the new bridge design and have citizens vote online for their preferred colors, surrounding vegetation, etc.

You’re lucky to have active citizens who care about the bridge; get them involved in the project with other flavors of the same 3D software that helped you confirm your action plan.

Now that’s democratic !


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