I’m in Milan with Designer Tom Dixon, Virtually

By Kate
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fred at milan furniture fair1This morning Fred Vacher contacted me from the Milan Furniture Fair.  Where Fred is, 3D is, so I was curious to see what was in his zip attachment.

Seems Fred has been helping furniture designer Tom Dixon add some 3D and virtual to his stand.

If you’d like to check out Tom’s designs and stand virtually, and, hey, maybe even bump into Virtual Tom, try out his public 3DVIA Scenes for free.  I’ve embedded it further down in this post.

This is Fred and Tom.


This is a design in Tom’s new Industry collection.

Tom Dixon_Milan_Peg Chair

This is the same design in 3DVIA Scenes.

Tom Dixon-Virtual-Milan-Peg-Chair1

This is me broswing Tom’s collection virtually.


virtual milan 1*

Addendum: I received some feedback that the way I sized the embedded scene “Virtual Milan” limited the virtual experience, so to replace the embedded scene, I’ve added a hyperlink to the full deal on 3dvia.com.  Please click on the image above to visit the scene.

Some Virtual Milan tips from my maiden voyage:

  • Opt for the Virtual Tour (let’s you zoom into the collection bits without stumbling around)
  • Move one click at a time (will help you avoid wall collisions, etc.)
  • Use your mouse to click on designs you like (will give you model information; name, specs, etc.)

If Fred can stop drinking Italian espressos and admiring all that furniture design, I may have some more “live” footage for you.  (Sorry Fred; I’m just jealous you’re there and I’m not.)

So, do you like Tom’s new collection?  I like the Mirror Ball Lights the best.  Et vous?



P.S. Fred tells me Tom designs in SolidWorks and then imports to 3dvia.com.  Which, BTW, if you’re in the US or UK, you can download Tom’s models from mydeco.com, try, then buy.

P.P.S  I do NOT get a commission for any Tom Dixon models sold on 3dvia.com.  Darn!

Creativity in 3D Contest

By Xavier
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banner Long

Post your 3D Creativity and win an Apple iPod Touch!

Create and Convince, the two obsessions of Creative Designers.

Yes, creation has always been the key mission and challenge for Designers. Working on future products, trying to anticipate and visualize the future consumer trend is a difficult exercise.

iToy Long+SketchCreation always start with a drawing, by sketching your ideas coming from multiple sources of inspiration; from your living experience, nature or existing products. But there is an additional way creativity can also be a source of instant inspiration.  It’s about sculpting!

Yes sculpting is materializing your creation in three dimensions, but it is also a source of Creative inspiration while you are shaping your object. It is during this mental iterative process that the shape you are forming is also influencing your creativity. The level of interaction you can have and feel with your shape finally inspires your creativity.

The first expression of Creativity for designers starts with a drawing by sketching in 2D their Design intent, and with CATIA we give the ability to transform this 2D design expression into a 3D reality.

Since a few years, a new generation of young Industrial Designers also expresses their creativity in 3D. With new technologies like 3D Subdivision surfaces combined with the level of interactive manipulation and user experience, 3D becomes a real creative tool. Giving the ability to designers to create in 2D but also directly in 3D like a sculptor with Virtual Clay modeling.

YouTube Preview ImageThis new paradigm of modeling gives Creative Designers the ability to express ideas and creativity in 3D.

With this Creativity in 3D contest we would like to give you the opportunity to share your creations made with Dassault Systèmes CATIA product. To participate, just post on the blog your 3D Products Creativity with screenshot, Rendering, Videos or Link to Videos. Feel free to add any comment or details about your visuals.

Share your creativity, Blow away the DS community . . .

. . .  And win an Apple iPod Touch.

And a physical Prototype of your creation !!!

Post your 3D creation until the 7 May 2010.  On May 19, 2010 a Dassault Systèmes jury including our DS Design Studio will publish the five best creations in 3D on our community website and the top three winners will receive an Apple iPod Touch.

And by the way, if you have any thought about Creativity in 3D feel free to leave a comment !

—————— BREAKING NEWS !!! ———————–


Our Partner Value Print is pleased to offer a free physical prototype to the 3 winners.

The prototype will be made by Rapid Prototyping at a 15 cm size.





Good luck!




click here for the Winners announcement !

… and watch the Best-of Video

YouTube Preview Image

CATIA Fans May Like This

By Kate
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Whether you run on Mac or Windows, if you like CATIA, 3D CAD softwares or 3D design in general, you may enjoy downloading the new CATIA screensaver.

I downloaded it and am enjoying seeing the beautiful 3D designs rotate on my screen.  Plus it’s a different way to access the Dassault Systèmes RSS news feed.

Here’s a video glimpse as to what you’ll get.  You’ll see an assortment of design objects from the inside and out.

YouTube Preview Image

Simply follow the link, select Mac or Windows, and then enter your email address and prove you’re not a bot.  Happy downloading!



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