This is Not a Cereal Box

By Kate
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Hi everyone,

I promised to keep you up-to-date as new bricks linked with Dassault Systèmes’ EuropaCorp partnership evolve.

Eh hop! (as the French say) . . .

Nestlé has joined us for an original marketing campaign.

See for yourself in this video, and stay tuned for more 3DVIA Virtools 3D experiences to come . . .

YouTube Preview Image

Looks like Mehdi’s been practicing, non? ;-)

Would love to know what you think . . .



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13 responses to “This is Not a Cereal Box”

  1. Lynne says:

    Awesome! This innovative app was an attention grabber for 3DVIA at SIGGRAPH, too.

    So … here’s the real question. Do we have to come for France for the cereal and boxes, or will you share with us ;-). Great work! – Lynne

  2. Heloisa says:

    This is SUPER cool.

  3. Cecilia Botelho says:

    We loved that here from Brazil!

  4. Kate says:

    Glad ya’ll like it!

    @Lynne, you think U.S. customs would allow a French cereal send?

    @Heloisa and Cecilia, same question for Brazil . ..


  5. Cecilia Botelho says:

    How about you guys send us the empty box?

  6. Mehdi says:

    Hi Lynne, Heloisa and Cecilia. We will send you empty boxes to avoid customs problems… but we are also waiting for you here in France to share a real breakfast :-)

  7. Cecilia Botelho says:

    Great! Here’s my adress:

    R. Pequetita, 145, conj.21 – Vila Olimpia
    Sao Paulo – SP – Brazil
    Zip Code 04552-907

    Thak you!

  8. Mehdi says:

    Hi Cecilia,

    We’ll send it on Monday.

    All the best

  9. Feyzi Bagirov says:

    Haha, that’s innovative!

  10. Heloisa says:

    I´m a little late on my answer…I just got back to this link today (to show some friends the video) and I saw you were going to send me an empty cereal box!! I´m so sorry I didn´t see that in time! :-) Anyway, thanks for the intention! :-)

  11. Kate says:

    No worries Heloisa. We only have one box left and it’s used for demos, otherwise I’d still love to be able to send you one.

  12. Mart says:

    hey, do you think i can get a free box ? i dont live in france and i would like to try this

  13. Kate says:

    Hi Mart, sorry, I don’t have any more boxes to give away. Best, Kate

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