Social Networks and Visualization

By Oleg
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Despite summer relaxing time, I’m continuing to explore different dimensions of information visualization on 3D Perspectives. Social networks became a hot topic for the last few months or years and thought they can provide very interesting source of information to be presented in visual form. I decided to find a tool, I can use easy and in comfortable environment. So far, I found it…

Everybody likes Excel, right? So, let me show what is possible to visualize a social network using NodeXL (project developed by Microsoft Research). This application, so called .NetMap, can be used for viewing and analyzing of network graphs. Data can be prepared in Excel or imported from any applications. Use this link to download detailed presentation of NodeXL. You can download NodeXL code from Codeplex.

Sample images generated with NodeXL.

You can ask me, if I see any connection to word of Product Lifecycle Management? Yes, I do. The power to visualize and graphically represent information, solutions, ideas in multiple dimensions, as well as manipulate and collaborate with others is the next big revolution in technology. Since PLM is making social turn and focus on people, I think visualization of social communication together with 3D product visualization can provide very powerful turn in development efficient 3D Social Network Collaboration Tools.

Best, Oleg.

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