Introducing the SolidWorks 2011 product line

By Matthew
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SolidWorks 2011

September 1 has finally come, and we’re happy to finally unveil the SolidWorks 2011 product line. There are lots of updates, enhancements and improvements, ranging from the really big to the really small.

We’ll dig into some of the bigger enhancements over the next few weeks, but for now, I’d encourage you to go check out our new SolidWorks 2011 website, where you can explore some of them yourself and see what’s coming later this fall.


DSCC 2010 Isn’t About PLM or CAD

By Derek
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It is that time again, people.  We’re ramping up to Dassault Systèmes Customer Conference 2010, DS’s premier North America customer event.  You’ll hear Ford, you’ll hear Procter & Gamble, you’ll hear from customers how the future is being envisioned and created, as well as from CEO Bernard Charlès.  You’ll see more of Exalead, the search-based application technology recently acquired by Dassault Systèmes, you’ll hear from customers in CPG, Energy, Auto, Aero, Life Sciences and a variety of other industries.

Woo hoo.  No really, what’s the big woop, right?


This isn’t a software conference.  This isn’t about spreadsheets, about data management, about CAD or PLC code.  This is an innovation conference.  This is where dreamers, thinkers, innovators come to talk, share ideas, brainstorm.

Last year’s conference set the stage for this and articulated my point perfectly.  We asked regular Orlando passers-by what PLM was.  What did it stand for?  We asked them what their sunglasses, their handbags, their cars, their shirts have in common.  The amusing Jay-Walking style video (below) was instructive.

YouTube Preview Image

Fabien Fedida, our director of global offer strategy, put it perfectly afterwards, looking out at the audience of customers, prospects, innovators all, “You make it all happen.  Each one of you is part of an amazing thing.  You make all of those things exist.”

PLM is more than software, folks.  You know it.  Don’t tell me you don’t!  The air of DSCC last year was thick with interest and creativity.  It was a palpable feeling walking the halls of the Renaissance Orlando Resort.  PLM 2.0 is about dreams.  PLM 2.0 is about bringing your dreams, your customers’ dreams to life.  It is about envisioning a future of socially-networked innovation.  It is about pervasive, ubiquitous 3D to make those collaborative dreams visible, interactive and REAL.

Orlando, Florida, November 9-10.  The decision-makers, the dreamers, the individuals behind huge market successes will be there, Dreaming to Life and Envisioning the Future.

What’s your dream and how will you bring it to life?  Check DSCC 2010 out at and join us!


Virtual Ergonomics Series 3 of 3

By Therese
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DS Virtual Ergonomics V6 R2011 - EGE

Lifelike Human Advances Virtual Ergonomics

Through my last two virtual ergonomics posts, I learned a lot. I saw how a waiter’s movements share commonalities with shop floor workers by avoiding collisions and using repetitive movements. I’ve also imagined how a manikin can become more realistic looking and how their movements can be less robot-like and more natural, like an actual human being’s.

Seeing everyday tasks simulated ahead of time—on a factory floor or anywhere else—

I realize that this provides a much better view of how humans and objects work together. It’s interesting to me that when all actions and possible collisions are analyzed early on, human movement can work fluidly and efficiently next to machinery or animated objects.

My curiosity couldn’t end on a better note than with “living proof” that human modeling has exceeded my wildest dreams.

Right out of a sci-fi movie and into a computer near you, Dassault Systèmes has created very realistic human models called Lifelike Human. With Lifelike Human comes a cyber couple named Sia and Teo. Their looks are eerily human-like and yet are needed to provide a better view of what people can do in a manufacturing environment. Making them realistic, I learned, helps the users better visualize themselves or their specific employees doing the same task.

Check it out for yourself  here:

It looks like the Dassault Systèmes Virtual Ergonomics Solution teams—the DELMIA R&D US and Montreal teams, Design Studio, under the guidance of Victor Ramos and their partner Artizanal Studio in France—have outdone themselves this time. And in the process, helped me get a better grasp on the subject of human simulation. I’m really impressed by the realistic look of Sia and Teo.

What else can I say about them but to quote one of my kid’s favorite movies, Robots: “You can shine no matter what you’re made of.” Simulated cells and all.

So, how would you sum up this progress?

P.S. Click here for the previous first and second blog on virtual ergonomics.



Therese SnowTherese Snow works for Dassault Systèmes DELMIA Corp.

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