Coming soon from SolidWorks—the Engineering Stimulus Package

By Matthew

Last month at SolidWorks World, our CEO Jeff Ray announced a new initiative that will be going live about a month from now. We’re calling it the Engineering Stimulus Package (ESP for short), and we’re hoping to spread the word to as many people as possible.

If you look at sites like LinkedIn, it’s not hard to tell that the design community isn’t immune from the global economic conditions. There are lots of bright, hardworking engineers and designers out there that are suddenly finding themselves without work, and are wondering what their prospects are. This is where we’re trying to help. While the complete details of the ESP will be announced later, here’s the general idea:

  • Any unemployed design professional in the US or Canada will be able to register and download a Personal Edition copy of SolidWorks online. The license is good for 90 days, and will be renewable once. There will also be a watermark preventing the software from being used for commercial purposes.
  • The software will be accompanied by extensive training materials that a current SolidWorks user can use to sharpen his or her skills. People new to SolidWorks should actually be able to use these materials to learn the application and become proficient. Which leads to the next part.
  • Once the user is comfortable with the application, he or she will get a chance to take the Certified SolidWorks Associate test for free. We’ve found that employers actively seek people with SolidWorks certification, and applicants with a CSWA (or CSWP, the next step up) certification stand out in the interview process.

Like I said, we’re still working out the final details, but we’re hoping to get as much early visibility for this program as possible so we can help as many people on day one as we can. So if you can use some assistance getting back on your feet, or know someone who can, keep an eye on this blog, as well as the SolidWorks Blog, for more info.

(image courtesy of Brian McElyea)

3D Perspectives on your iPhone!

By Richard

My colleagues say I’m a geek. To cope, my wife has been considering registering on (in English, it would read Does this ring a bell? ;-)

I must admit I like electronic gizmos. And among them, I cherish my iPhone as one of the most exciting devices ever.

If you’ve owned one for awhile, this post may not interest you. However, if you’re an iPhone newbie, I’ll tell you how to take 3D Perspectives with you everywhere (on your iPhone). It’s all about RSS feeds.

The embedded mobile Safari browser does read RSS feeds. You can find several iPhone optimized RSS readers at the App Store. I tested several of them and propose that you stick with the most popular one: Free RSS Reader. It’s simple to use, has a slick interface and is available in several languages.

Once you’ve installed it, you get something like this (sorry, I own a French iPhone, the screen captures are in French) :

My own feeds list is featured here, of course you’ll only have one or two Apple news feeds to start with. To add a new feed, just click on the plus sign on the upper left corner. You will get this screen :

Sorry again for the French interface, but it’s so straightforward that it it’s easy to understand. RSS Reader will let use three methods to subscribe to a RSS feed:

  1. Enter the feed URL in the first field
  2. Or navigate the web. Just enter the starting address in the second field. RSS Reader will navigate to that page, automatically detect the linked RSS feeds and will let you add them with a simple tap
  3. Or retrieve your already subscribed feeds if you’re using Google Reader, Bloglines or Newsgator on your computer. Isnt’ it cool?

If you wish to add the 3D Perspectives feed, the address is

As soon as you have tapped “Validate” on the upper right corner, the new feed will open :

You have a full blue disc before an unread entry, a half one before an already read one. Just tap on an entry to expand it :

You can use Safari to jump to the page on the blog (tap on Safari), but the posts nicely display in Free RSS Reader as you can see above. You can even take our polls from here (and please, do not forget to do so!)

Of course, you can edit your feeds: change their names, the update frequency etc. I personnally update all feeds whenever I start RSS Reader. As with phone calls, emails and SMS, the number of unread entries is displayed on a red badge on the RSS Reader icon on your Springboard.

Simple and neat. Have fun with your “Precious”!

Keep 3D-ing,


Meet Oleg Shilovitsky: 7 Questions

By Kate

Have you ever thought about what folksonomy, mashups and robotic swarms have to do with . . . product lifecycle management?

Oleg Shilovitsky has. He churns out regular think tank-like thoughts and chats on such matters in his blog PLM Twine. Word’s getting out in the blogosphere about this goodness, yet we know little about the man behind it. I thought you might like to meet him.

Oleg and I both work for Dassault Systèmes, but we’ve never met in real-life. He’s in Boston on the ENOVIA side and I’m in France at headquarters. Since everyone’s traveling less these days, I organized a visio conference with Oleg so I could “meet” and interview him for 3D Perspectives.

Here’s what I asked:

1. How’d he get involved in PDM/PLM?
2. What does he do at work (besides blogging)?
3. Which blog topic does he prefer?
4. What’s PLM’s biggest challenge?
5. What’s the solution?
6. What does Innovation mean?
7. What inspires him?

Watch the video interview below and find out what Oleg has to say:

YouTube Preview Image



P.S. Here’s another Oleg interview you might enjoy, this time focusing on ENOVIA SmarTeam.

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