“Ma pierre à l’édifice” 2010 Contest Winners Announced

By Herve
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The second edition of the “Ma pierre à l’édifice” contest is now over. This nationwide competition, organized by Dassault Systèmes, the French ministry of education and the Religious Heritage Observatory, was open to students aged 12-14. Contestants were challenged to conduct an in-depth study of a religious building from a multidisciplinary approach and to create a 3D representation of the building using 3DVIA Shape (please refer to this earlier post for more).

On June 3, 2010 contest jury members met at Dassault Systèmes Campus in Vélizy to examine submissions. The final round recognized three institutions for their outstanding models and documentation, visible on the “3DS Academy” dedicated page.

From September 2010 on, this contest will be opened to additional types of architecture, providing students with further innovative opportunities to express their talent.


Hervé Foucher

Hervé Foucher works for Dassault Systèmes Education Department and is in charge of online communities for students and educators.

Shake Your Vacation Rhythm

By Kate
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Alas the time has yet again snuck up on us.  During July and August 3D Perspectives will operate in summer mode, so if you notice a slow-down in articles and monitoring that’s why.  Although there will be Abdelhamid manning the ship while I’m out . . .

On behalf of the extended 3D Perspectives family, Have a Great Summer!




Honk Your 3D Film Horn and Win a Sony 3D TV

By Kate
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Amateur and professional 3D filmmakers, July 9th is a date to remember!

 If you’d like a chance to have YOUR 3D film delivered with shiny new Sony 3D TVs to lucky purchasers’ homes, get your act in gear and start producing! 

As part of the media campaign to get the contest buzz going, I was contacted by a helpful David who works for Sony’s PR agency immediatefuture.  What, you found me!? 

It was a tail wagging moment when David offered me the chance to interview anyone I wanted from the 3D film jury.  Check out the line-up:

  • Rob Bredow, VFX Supervisor, Sony Pictures Imageworks
  • Buzz Hays, Senior Vice President, Sony 3D Technology Center, Sony Corporation of America
  • Steve Jarratt, Editor, 3D World
  • Jonathan Davies, Head of 3D Production, The Moving Picture Company
  • Julian Napier, Julian Napier, writer & director
  • Lee Danskin, Training Development Director, Escape Studios

Sooooo . . . guess who I picked?


Buzz Hays-1Why?  Because the arrival of 3D TVs to living rooms across the planet is going to be the yeast that rises the 3D dough.  Yep, it’s going to ignite the magic in a way that everyone will get their piece of 3D bread.  

Currently a man that makes magic at the Sony 3D Technology center, Buzz has had an interesting career in the film industry and does some David Copperfielding in his spare time. 

Over to you, Buzz!

Q1:  What gets you excited about 3D, and is it really our mainstream home-entertainment future?

BH:  Telling stories is a fundamental part of who we are, and 3D is a new way to tell stories. It is the future of mainstream home entertainment.

Q2:  Once this is established, what will be more instrumental to catalyze the shift to mainstream interactive real-time 3D—people or technology? Why?

BH:  I have to admit, my bias is to say people. As I say in class, “it’s the painter, not the brush.” Certainly, we can’t do much without the equipment, but the vision and execution has to come from the creator of the 3D story.

Q3:  Who will be the 3D content producers in 10 years—the professionals or the people?

BH:  Moving forward, I see more of an equal split between the professionals and the people as more 3D technology filters into the consumer space.

Q4:  You have a thing for magic. How does this translate to what you’ve got up your sleeve at the Sony 3D technology centre? Shall we expect the traditional but crowd pleasing white rabbit, or is there something more exotic in store like an albino tiger?

BH:  A good magician never reveals his secrets! Seriously, we’re empowering individuals to create better and better 3D.

Q5:  Any words of advice for a 3D software company?

BH:  We need more!

Many thanks Buzz for your answers and time.  And thank you Sony and immediatefuture for the opportunity.

Now folks, it’s time for YOU to work YOUR MAGIC.  Get on the 3D film horn and honk!  Contest entry details here.



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