SolidWorks Rwanda Video in Final Selection

By Remi
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Yes!! If you read Matthew’s article you know that Dassault Systèmes is part of Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship’s Film Festival 2011. In the beginning there were 36 videos competing, and now we are one of only 10 contestants remaining!

As the Boston College for Corporate Citizenship says: “The tens of thousands who viewed the videos and voted for their favorite sent a resounding message: There is an audience interested in seeing the corporate citizenship”.

So if you like our project,

please help us to get to the top! You only need to register to the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship by going to this page where you’ll find all the details to subscribe.

The deadline to vote is March 24th, hurry up! ;-)



Digital Manufacturing: PLM on the Shop Floor

By Kate
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Digital Manufacturing closes the PLM creation to production gap

Today’s Friday and we all know what that means.  Finishing the week’s business, including tidying up the ole email inbox.

I was thus catching up on our Intercim acquisition and came across this video.  Dare I say it’s digitally delightful?

The condensed message: we’re taking a new step in PLM by closing the digital divide between product designers/engineers and product manufactures.  Yep, PLM on the shop floor.

This translates to “as built = as designed”, which can be quite a challenge, espcially in highly regulated industries.

Crank up your volume and enjoy!  Bonus:  manufacturing stats featured at the end.

Have a great weekend!


Solar Roads to Form an Energy Grid?

By Remi
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green plm 3D road scott brusaw 3DS dassault systèmes

Hey guys!

Happy St Patrick’s Day!! Hope you celebrate it and have fun! I thought that since people are supposed to wear green clothes, this blog would also turn green! So at least for today I’ll blog about green innovation and what are the applications of 3D to help the planet and its people… :)

I came across a video that introduces a not-so-crazy concept to deliver green energy in a massive amount and fairly logical way. Scott Brusaw, the guy behind this, came up with the idea that roads were environmentally inneficient and that they should pay for themselves. Now that is out of the box right?

He thinks that roads could be improved to sort of glass ones, with solar panels inside to absorb the sun’s energy. And since they lead to our cities, houses, cinemas, gig venues, etc. they would then provide the amount of energy needed, thus paying back what they initially cost. This would turn into some kind of grid providing energy.

There are obviously numerous issues to overcome beforehand like the strength of the glass surface or the transparency – will sun beams go through the surface? Will they reflect into drivers’ eyes? Etc.

But let’s not spoil the fun, here is the video!

YouTube Preview Image

Tell me what you think guys! It’s pretty amazing and I am sure there is a way to help this project with 3D and lifelike PLM… would it be feasible? Is it one of these ideas that just can’t work? I’m personally sure it can work, it feels logical to me… tell me what you think!

Thanks for reading! ;)


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