Live from Farnborough Airshow 2012: it’s all about Experience

By Aurelien
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Hi! We’re live from Farnborough International Airshow, a major event for the Aerospace industry. For those of you not attending the event, we thought you might be interested in following a dedicated Farnborough newsroom we prepared for you using Netvibes technology :) You will find there live tweets, press articles and blog posts from the event. We’ll also come up with a few blog posts this week! :)

So today was the first commercial (Qatar Airways) in-flight display of Boeing’s “Dreamliner” 787:

Seeing the 787 reminded me of this interview where our own Aerospace VP Mich Tellier mentions Boeing’s focus on the “passenger experience” as a starting point of their approach:

What is new is how Boeing approached the customer experience. They said, “Okay, I’m not going to focus on what we’ve been doing for the past 30 years.” They were not merely going to improve the seat cost and availability model, which is the economic model for the airline. They said, “I’m going to look at passenger experience.” […] They wanted to increase humidity and reduce cabin altitude to 4000 feet from its current 8000 feet. That would kill a metallic fuselage, which is one of the reasons they chose a composite fuselage.

Putting the consumer experience (e.g., increasing humidity in the cabin for improved comfort as aforementioned) at the heart of the innovation process has dramatic impacts on the way the aircraft and interiors are specified, designed, and tested. I’ll try to address some of those points in the upcoming posts.

What do you think? Would love to hear your thoughts about it.


Focus on the Future: An Exchange with Med Students

By Charles
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Check out the video below of our CEO, Bernard Charlès, listening to and brainstorming with medical school students about new applications for 3D technology in healthcare:

YouTube Preview Image

The students share their ideas about how 3D experiences could make their jobs easier through role-playing, modeling the human body, simulating the results of taking medication, personalizing patient care, and developing next-generation medical equipment.

Bernard further stimulates their imaginations by showing on his iPad concrete examples of:

  • Reducing the suffering of burn victims (watch video below);
  • Simulating the effects of smoking and drinking;
  • Demonstrating the propagation of cholesterol in a human cell;
  • Improving the performance of prosthetic limbs.
YouTube Preview Image

I’d love to get your thoughts about expanding the uses of 3D in the education and life sciences communities! :)

Do YOU have a World-Changing Dream?

By Aurelien
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IF WESo this is a call to all day-dreamers out there  :D

“IF WE could harvest just one iceberg, we could provide half a million people with fresh water for a year.” Georges Mougin dreamed of harvesting icebergs to help address the water scarcity challenge, and with the power of 3DEXPERIENCE, he was able to prove that his dream could become real.

Watch this :

YouTube Preview Image


Now, do YOU have a world-changing dream?

Share your own world-changing dream with the world by coming up with a 140-character statement starting with the words “#IFWE” (e.g., “#IFWE harvest icebergs, just one could provide half a million people with fresh water for a year”) and enter it in the text box to the right.

We’re looking forward to your most innovative, ambitious and awesome “IF WE Dreams”! They will be rewarded, with prize values up to $15,000 to bring your dream to life! See more details about how to participate.

IF WE ask the right questions, we can change the world! And remember, the only limit is YOUR imagination!

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