Leadership News from SolidWorks

By Kate
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Hi everyone,

Perhaps you’ve heard that Jeff Ray is moving to a role within Dassault Systèmes, and Bertrand Sicot will replace him as SolidWorks CEO.  Congratulations Jeff and Bertrand!

If you’d like to learn more about these changes, you may enjoy reading the following posts on The SolidWorks Blog:

1.  An update on the organizational changes at SolidWorks

“In my new role as Executive Vice President, Geographic Operations, I’ll be working with Dassault Systèmes country managers around the world to help improve the customer experience. This isn’t just a new role for me, but also for Dassault Systèmes, created to help streamline the customer experience, to address local customer needs, and to improve technology overall.” — Jeff Ray

2.  From Bertrand Sicot: a new chapter at SolidWorks

“Over the last thirteen years, I have worked with hundreds of SolidWorks customers, resellers and partners. I understand the challenges our customers face every day, and my plan is to continue to run Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks the way we always have–by doing what we believe is best for our customers and community.” — Bertrand Sicot

3.  A conversation with Jeff Ray and Bertrand Sicot This is an interview conducted by Matthew West . . .



General Cloud Computing Acceptance Not So Clear

By Kate
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The other night my father-in-law announced he’d ordered a new laptop computer.  Only after 3 years, his broke.  What followed was a conversation I suspect may sound familiar to you: 

“You know Michel, in the future you won’t need to buy a new computer—just a new screen.  The Cloud will be your computer.” 

“Pfff!  I hope not!  I would never trust my data to the Cloud.”

“Um, Michel, you trust your money to a bank, right?”

“Yes, but that’s because I have to.”

“You’re already using the Cloud for some things, whether you’re aware or not.”

“Perhaps, but I have several external hard drives and I use them to back up my data every few weeks.”

“Michel, is your data so much more precious than your money that you’d prefer to keep it ‘under your mattress?’”

Perhaps I’m surrounded by too much Cloud talk at work.  I figured the General Public would be fairly accepting of the direction the Cloud is taking.  But my father-in-law is an engineer and ex technical director of a pretty technical company, so I wasn’t expecting his reaction. 

Do we care? 

I find it curious that public acceptance does not correlate with the rate of progress for things Cloud-related, i.e. Saleforce’s database.com announcement, legislative advancements around country-specific owned/controlled Clouds, etc.

If Human 1.0 theories hold true, I’d suspect this is because the hunters and gathers in us like to feel that we tangibly own and control stuff.  But have no fear; I’m sure we’ll find a creative way to feel psychologically and emotionally good about our data dominion.  And if we can’t?  Well then we’ll displace our control needs to another domain. 

What’s your take?  And what do your in-laws think about this Cloud business?  

Happy New Year to you! 



Two Holiday Gifts from 3DS

By Kate
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Tis the season to be jolly, so to help you with your jolliness, we’d like to offer you not one, but TWO holiday gifts!  Sorry, no Ginzu knives with that.

The first gift is a CATIA 2011 wall calendar featuring industrial designers and their designs.  Please sign up quickly to be sure you’ll get one.   Just click on the banner and fill out a tiny form.

The second gift is 12 minutes of the film The Iceberg Project.  I went to the premier the other night and videod some reactions.  Here’s what a producer and American Girl Scouts leader had to say:

YouTube Preview Image

If you’d like the exclusive 12-minutes, please leave a comment in this blogpost asking for it.

On behalf of the 3D Perspectives community and all of 3DS, I wish you a holiday season filled with scents of cinammon and fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies!

Ho ho ho,


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