PLM 2.0 + Enterprise 2.0 = Social Innovation

By Kate

In 2006, Dassault Systèmes embarked on an adventure that has lead to today’s strategic partnership announcement with Enterprise Social Software company blueKiwi.

I can’t help but think of Neil Armstrong’s famous phrase :

That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.

Now just for fun, try replacing the word ‘man’ with ‘PLM’ and ‘mankind’ with ‘Industry’. Are you with me?

The business of designing, engineering, simulating, manufacturing, recycling, etc. etc. products first virtually so that you get them right the first real-world time is called Product Lifecycle Management. Like so many things in the IT world, PLM has traditionally been segmented by companies, industries and user groups. Yet with PLM 2.0 technologies and enterprise social media solutions like blueKiwi, this is changing.

Why does PLM need an enterprise social software solution? According to Bernard Charlès in today’s press conference, “PLM needs blueKiwi to capture memory and provide the freedom to exchange ideas.” Bernard also talked a lot about how the partnership is about “connecting people.”

His quote in today’s announcement says it best:

The current business environment reveals a growing disconnect between consumer requirements and available products, between employees and their companies. The new consumer buying behavior, as well as different employee working experiences, create new needs and require businesses to adapt. Social Innovation is about connecting individuals, ideas and virtual experiences, and leveraging social networking capabilities. We have imagined online services in order to connect both worlds, thus enabling people to become participants in the innovation processes, either in their role as a consumer or as an employee.

What I liked hearing about best today is that blueKiwi isn’t monogamous to one platform, it is platform polygamous. I’ll let you consider the possibilities.

If this news interests you, you’ll probably enjoy Timo Elliott’s blog article Enterprise 2.0 Must be Aligned with Business Process

You may also like to see what people are saying about this on Twitter. Just search Twitter with #dassaultsystemes and #bluekiwi.

Stay tuned for live blogging from DevCon starting tomorrow. Meanwhile, have you tried Tianamo?



Exploring the Web in 3D

By Oleg

I think that the Web provides an endless opportunity to explore the world of information. So, I’m constantly looking to explore new ways to use 3D to search better and faster for information, be able to differentiate information in 3D, and see better results. Also, you have to admit, 3D is a cool technology, and I’m always finding new ways to use 3D views to present information.

Yesterday, I had the chance to experiment with 3D browsing or search software (I’m not really sure how to classify this software) from Tianamo search beta. Actually, the first impression was from Tianamo Youtube video. I was impressed.

YouTube Preview Image

I made few attempts using beta tools  ( and tried to use my top regular searches for Product Lifecycle Management, 3D CAD, CATIA. I put a few of the results in the pictures below.

Search fro 3D Live

Search for 3D CAD

Search for 3D CAD

Search for CATIA

Search for CATIA

I hope that you liked this and would be interested in hearing your feedback. . You can try this interesting tool by yourself by registering on I will be watching this, exploring tools and other 3D information, and will continue to post my results on 3D perspectives.


Le Bleriot XI

By Valerie

2009 marks the Centennial of the first flight across the Channel by French pioneer Louis Blériot, with his now famous Blériot XI.

On July 25, 1909, Louis Blériot made history with his 37 minutes flight from Sagatte to Douvres above the Channel, oil leaking, wood cracking, wind blowing…

One hundred years after, I found myself visiting “Le Blériot XI” stand at the Paris Air Show Le Bourget. This stand was a collaborative project by Dassault Systèmes, the PLM Competency Center, the alumni association from Ecole Centrale, and Dassault Aviation.

On this stand, there was a Blériot XI. Experts will notice by my photo that it is not the Blériot XI, which made the famous flight across the Channel, but a Blériot XI-2. The difference? The second one is a two-seater, its engine “gnome” is a little more powerful, and it was built for the military. Still, for me, the feeling is the same, next to the Blériot XI-2, I touched history.

One hundred years after, we are writing another page of history with 3D. Because of PLM, it has been possible to make the digital mock-up of the Blériot XI-2, from the 2D plan, measures, and simulation. This digital mock-up will allow the construction of a new Blériot XI-2 in Brazil. It is a fascinating project , on which students from Brazil, India and France collaborated.

From the Le Blériot stand, I also wrote a page of my personal history because of 3DVIA Virtools. On June 17, 2009, I became one of the lucky pioneers to virtually fly above the Channel on board of a Blériot XI-2 digitalized.

That is what 100 years of difference makes!



Valerie Ferret works as part of Dassault Systèmes’ Global Affairs and Communities team.

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