Expanding 3DEXPERIENCE to Nature with GEOVIA

By Aurelien
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Wow. If you saw our news earlier today, we had two major announcements:

  1. The first one is about our acquisition of Gemcom Software, the world leader in geological modeling and simulation for the mining industry.
  2. The second is the launch of our latest Brand dubbed GEOVIA. GEOVIA will be dedicated to the virtualization and simulation of nature. In other words, while you know CATIA as the Brand for “Virtual Product”, GEOVIA will be the Brand for “Virtual Planet”. Gemcom Software is, in fact, the first step towards this new endeavor.

We will have plenty of opportunities to further discuss about GEOVIA on this blog, but first things first, we’d like to wish a warm welcome to the 360 employees of Gemcom Software!  :-)

If you’re curious about Gemcom, you will want to listen to CEO Rick Moignard, talking about the company, its products, and how he sees fit with Dassault Systèmes’ 3D Experience platform. As I had the chance to talk with Rick recently, I really can tell how he is thrilled by the expanding capabilities in workforce safety and sustainability brought by the combination of our respective pieces of software.
YouTube Preview Image

To learn more about Gemcom and its products, you will also want to check this out:

YouTube Preview Image


Last but not least, if you’d like to follow Gemcom on social networks, here are direct links:

What do you think about this new milestone towards virtualization of Nature? What would you like to discuss more about? Please feel free to leave a comment.


Who will be the Project of the Year?

By Charles
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Last week, 3DS Academy (Dassault Systèmes’ program serving the global academia community) launched a new challenge dubbed Project of the Year, available on both 3DS Academy website and Facebook.

This contest is open to every student and teacher using Dassault Systèmes’ solutions.

Every project, film or presentation made with CATIA, SolidWorks, SIMULIA Abaqus, 3DVIA Shape, etc., will have two chances to win:

  • One jury prize, granted upon selection by a Jury of professionals
  • One public prize, granted upon votes from Facebook fans

Rewarded projects will receive two iPad3 and many other great prizes!

To jump in the contest, students just have to post their best project in the 3DS Academy Projects Showroom, and it will be automatically reposted on the dedicated Facebook page where everyone can vote. They have nothing more to do, except having their friends to vote for their project ;)

So, if you’re a student or teacher, don’t wait anymore to jump in by letting us know about your best project done with any of our software. If you’re not, then you can still vote for your favorite project and share this contest with any potential candidate you’d know!

Have fun and enjoy! :)

3DVIA Comic Book – 3D Content creation

By Alexandre
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Do you know the adage “A picture is worth a thousand words”? Sometimes it could be easier to explain a complex idea with a single picture or… a comic book. If you think it’s only for super heroes, you’re wrong! In some cases, you can even get more attention with a comic book than with any other kind of material!

To get you in the mood, here’s a comic book focusing on 3D content creation and potential usage thanks to 3DVIA products: 3DVIA Shape, 3DVIA Studio, 3DVIA Scenes and 3DVIA Mobile. It targets both B2B (designers, young creators) and B2C audiences (3D scenes users, students, early adopters).

The comic book, a new communication to get out of the box?

In conventions, people usually walk around and get a lot of flyers and brochures. That’s precisely why we created a comic book focusing on 3D content creation and potential usage thanks to our 3DVIA products. We were going to attend a convention dedicated to young designers and we wanted to get their attention.

This particular comic book made a good impression towards the young audience and we decided to extend the experience to other professionnals. So we thought we would create other comic books to talk about our other activities, such as 3D printing. As we announced a strong partnership with the 3D printing company called “Sculpteo” last year, we wanted to explain how people can get their 3D models out of computer right into their hands.

For sure we will get back to you with this new comic book as soon as it is available. The artist will not be the same, as we though it could be fun to change the style a little bit.

Do you want to create a comic book? Here are few simple steps to follow:

  1. Define the message you want to communicate through the comic book
  2. Sum up your ideas to fit in one single page: each panel has to provide a clear information
  3. Define the graphic style you want to use to address your audience and find the right artist.

Now it’s time for you to be creative!   8)


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