Revving Up the Open Source EV Community

By Kate
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“It’s always been the outlaws that drive the change.” –Hugo Spowers, Riversimple

This morning was my favorite portion of the EV conference.  Sharing the stage first set was Jay Rogers from Local Motors, Dr. Shimizu of SIMdrive and Hugo Spowers from Riversimple and 40fires.  Each speaker told a unique story and sometimes disagreed with the others (bring it on!), which made for great chemistry and an inspiring morning. 

There’s too much to share for one blogpost, so please stay tuned for more.  Meanwhile what can I say tonight?   Here’s a quick recap on the first set:

SIMdrive’s been massaging the EV question for awhile now and have already produced 10 prototypes!  The latest beats Porsche in acceleration tests, so delete your misconceptions about EVs and speed.  Dr. Shimizu explained that we must produce EVs that also are comfortable and have spacious interiors to incite purchasing.  You would think SIMdrive’s secret sauce is in their ingenious technology platform, but nope, not it.  Their secret sauce is the business model; but I’ll have to leave you in suspense for now. 

Next up was Riversimple.  Hugo Spower’s explained their philosophy: “If you sell a car, you make more money by selling more cards.  It maximizes resource usage, and this isn’t sustainable.”  Therefore Riversimple’s business model is to see mobility as a service in cities with populations under 300 thousand.  Starting 2012 with Ludlow and two others, they’ll begin creating service infrastructures that in a few years will make for a full skeleton of spots that can then support intercity cars.

Local Motors’ approach is to create local jobs, local micro-factories and local cars.  They run specified contests to co-create designs particular to regional terrain, weather conditions and usage requirements.  This eliminates the need/challenge/cost to build ‘world cars’ that are safe everywhere.  And related to safety, Local Motors and Habitat for Humanity have something in common, but it’s not what you think it is.  More on that soon. 

Are they outlaws?  No Jesse James here.  These are people who’ve had enough of the old way and are determined to be a part of the solution. 

Anne Asensio commented that this event represents “the first community about the community.”  And Jay Rogers predicted, “Today’s discussion will be remembered for a very long time.” 

I look forward to sharing with you more about this event after ECF.  BTW, I’m at Disneyland Paris now and will clock in tomorrow with a fresh report. 3D Perspectives and Twitter #ecf2010 are the places to watch.



Local Motors and Tomorrow

By Kate
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If you know me a bit personally or professionally, then you know how I can get revved up about somewhat geeky topics. I’ve been through an immersive VR wave, and now ‘the new automotive industry’ has floated onto my interest radar.  No, not how the OEMs will phoenix out of the crisis.  I’m talking about the grassroots revolution that’s percolating in garages and homes near you.  

One of the leaders of this revolution is Local Motor’s Jay Rogers.  I’ll be with him and the rest of the automotive revolution crew tomorrow at the Community Based eCar Development Conference.  Please ping me if you have any questions you’d like me to ask Jay or the others (see link for more names).

And to get you in the mood, here’s a video showing what Local Motors has already accomplished.  A car by the people for the people, The Rally Fighter:

YouTube Preview Image

There may be some Twitter activity during the conference under #ecarconf

More soon,


The Dassault Systèmes Blog and Candles

By Kate
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Two years ago I nervously clicked publish to activate 3D Perspective’s first blog post .  Dassault Systèmes had not yet launched our social media internet “swYm,” and there were only a few people across the group actually using social media externally for work.

During the past 24 months, I’ve grown and so has Dassault Systèmes.  I’m less shy about being myself online and following my instincts; and Dassault Systèmes now has 9,000 employees using social media internally to collaborate on projects and long-term initiatives.  We’ve also introduced social innovation products for our customers and ecosystem.

Through this blog I’ve tried to show you a different side to our company.  Dassault Systèmes is not just “a worldwide leader in PLM and 3D software”.  We’re a group of people with passions and opinions.  And some of our bloggers have even chosen to draw parallels between their personal lives and our software.  Take Tim Webb for example, as he links his father to Tiger Woods and simulation software.  Or what about Therese Snow who connects eating out in a restaurant with her husband to virtual ergonomics.

You’ve read and watched behind-the-scenes conference accounts, received free software keys, entered design contests, and won cereal boxes that are also VR headsets.  You’ve also discussed 3D format wars, whether 3D is a universal language, and the relationship between tribes, teams and V6.

Here are a few back office stats for those of you that like numbers:

• 41 3DP bloggers
• 297 blogposts
• 633 tags

These are the Top 24 (in honor of 24 months) most-read posts:

Happy Birthday, 3D Perspectives!

UN ENORME MERCI to all 3DP bloggers, readers, commenters, tweeters, IT-supporters and sponsors; as the French also say, I salute you!

What’s YOUR 3D Perspectives BIRTHDAY WISH for our 3rd year?



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