By Kate

So by now I hope you’ve heard about how seemingly innocent cereal boxes have become 3D game consoles and VR headsets.  Yippee, 3D for all, VR for all!

But wait.  What about The Supergeeks?

We can get picky and say,

“Hey, the red-blue cereal-box glasses are ok for a stereoscopic view, but they mess up my colors!”

Well thank goodness for the 3D  TV and its glasses.

This little video will show you how to VR-a-fy your 3D TV in just a few simple steps.  Check it out:

YouTube Preview Image

This VR-cereal-box gameplay is like Kinect, only it’s easier on your budget and you get to eat breakfast too!  ;-)

What do you think about this?



P.S. The game link is:

DraftSight Halloween Trick and Treat

By Kate

Copyright: Don Scarborough

It’s not often that I get to link Dassault Systèmes software to fun holidays like Halloween, but today I’ve got a trick AND treat in store for you.

The Trick
Use DraftSight to design your Halloween pumpkin!  The software is available online and FREE.  The pumpkin design activity would be a fun, engaging educational/family activity.  Who knows, it may even inspire some professional choices for your kids?

The Treat
Your pumpkin will look dynamite and make all your neighbors jealous!

Here’s a video showing exactly how you can do this at home:

YouTube Preview Image

If you do end up DraftSighting your Halloween pumpkin, please let us know by uploading a photo of your masterpiece to this post’s comment section.  We’d love to see your results!

Have a nice weekend,


Your Car is Not a Car

By Kate

I’ll bet that when Karl Benz first imagined his Motorwagen, he was thinking only about getting from point A to B.  Yet because of its novelty and price, the automobile quickly became a status symbol, allowing misters to outrank cavaliers.

When Ford started mass producing cars, you couldn’t really call the automobile ‘your own’ as there was one model in one color.  Would you like black, or black?

Later people were able to extend their identities onto cars a little more by choosing from a collection of models, colors and options.  In this way the automobile went from being a simple transportation means and status symbol to becoming an outward expression of your personality.  Don’t we all categorize the types of people who drive speedy red cars and big trucks?  ;-)

And now . . . and now I’m going to throw an idea at you that you may not agree with, but that I think is worth some chew time.  Your car is not a car.

Jonathan Dutton and Anne Asensio explain this concept best in the below video (taken at the 2010 Paris Motor Show).  They talk about the car becoming the “digital extension of your life”, the “sport for the purpose of your trip,” and a “physical platform.”

YouTube Preview Image

If your car is a physical mobility platform, then you can add all kinds of services and plugins to make it uniquely yours, which as Anne says will be the “21st century pleasure of automobile.”

Do you agree?  Will you start to view your car as your device, a big iPhone on wheels . . .?



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