Cheering on “MiracleTeamUSA” powered by 3DEXPERIENCE!

By Michael
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As an invitee speaker at JavaOne, I was already beside myself to attend the geek mecca that conference represents. But imagine my happiness to learn that this conference coincides with Oracle OpenWorld and exceptionally this year, the finals of the America’s Cup were also at the same time pitting the hearty, experienced New Zealand/Emirates crew against Larry Ellison’s OracleTeamUSA. This video was looping in the elevators at work before the races:

YouTube Preview Image

but I had never imagined that I’d actually see the races myself. On Sunday (the first day of the conference but the 12th day of racing), I then read that the first 1000 registrants for the conference would receive free passes for the races and I hustled over to the Moscone Center first thing in the morning to get my wristband. Boy, was I happy to have done that  :D

From my seat high in the east bleachers at Marina Green, I had a commanding view from the Golden Gate Bridge to Alcatraz Island and could see the boats until the very last leg towards Pier 33. It was spectacular. Hard to believe that a boat weighing almost 3 tons could go two times faster than the wind (about 46 knots in about 22 knots of wind) and even foil at over 30 knots upwind (interesting article here on wikipedia concerning the physics of that engineering wonder).

It was a real tribute the 3DEXPERIENCE that OracleTeamUSA used to design and build their victorious boat. Even more miraculous was the way that TeamUSA won 8 races in a row including the final race on 25 September which I also was lucky enough to watch where OracleTeamUSA became “MiracleTeamUSA” :lol:  See here for a great summary of the races.

I suppose that watching a race like this is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Let’s just hope Larry keeps the race in San Francisco rather than Hawai so that I might get a shot at seeing the next generation of boats designed with the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.

Michael Finocchiaro is Senior Director, 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. You can find him on Twitter at @le_fino.

The Fashion Industry gets ahead of the curve in Mexico City

By Feranda
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The quality of Mexican products is a competitive differential against the hard actual competition at Mexican Fashion market. With this in mind, Dassault Systemes and IQ Innovation, got together for a unique event to discuss the role of technology in the Fashion industry. Cristina Pineda, co-founder of Pineda Covalin, was our special guest.

At the W Hotel in Mexico , more than 40 attendees from fashion brands and retailers joined this breakfast to listen to Cristina’s story, and how Dassault Systemes and IQInnovation help the Fashion industry gain visibility across the globe, having shorter product lifecycle, improving sales with Dassault Systemes’ 3DEXPERIENCE business Platform.

Enrique Marin from IQ Innovation provided an overview of the Mexican Fashion Market.

The quality of Mexican product is an important competitive edge regarding the fierce competition we have to face, Dassault Systèmes is a powerful tool to improve product quality
(La calidad del producto mexicano es un diferencial competitivo tiendo en cuenta el mercado competitivo que enfrentamos, Dassault ofrece una herramienta poderosa para mejorar la calidad de los productos)

Then Aurore Furnaletto, Sales Manager Consumer Goods and Retail from Dassault Systèmes took over. She introduced two 3DEXPERIENCE solutions for Fashion brands and retailers: Fashion Collection for SMB and My Store, or how fashion brands and retailers can leverage technology in all  processes from design to production to store operations. Then Aurore kept audience’s attention with Guess customer case. She presented the different stages Guess went through to adopt Dassault Systèmes’ solutions.

Cristina Pineda, co-founder of Pineda Covalin powerful Mexican luxury brand, with stores in Mexico, Colombia, New York and China, showed how technology complements creativity and the design at market.

To stay competitive in this market, we have to be local, to be able to guarantee our product quality.
(Para sieren competitivos en esto mercado teren que ser locales, para garantizar la calidad de los produtos.)

To close this breakfast Aurore took the audience to the future of fashion with a presentation of FashionLab, Dassault Systèmes technology incubator dedicated to fashion designers. Attendees had also the surprise to discover Paris 3D, with 3D reconstructions of monuments showing the Fashion capital at various times.

Special thanks to Cristina and our guests, we are very proud to have held this fascinating Industry Breakfast alongside our partner IQ Innovation,

Stay tuned for our next event and see you again soon!  :-)

Feranda is a member of Dassault Systemes São Paulo team

LG Electronics and Accelerating Time to Market

By Eric
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The story of LG Electronics illustrates our vision for accelerating time to market for new product introductions. LG Electronics uses a centralized repository to manage their development processes. For them, having a product history helps the company accelerate time to market by organizing and tracking development data. It also increases the company’s development bandwidth as they can focus their efforts on innovation rather than duplicating prior work.

We interviewed Cheon Hee Youn, senior manager at LG Electronics where he enlightened us about LG’s reasons for choosing Dassault Systemes to assist with development acceleration.

As does LG Electronics, we believe that accelerating time to market requires high tech manufacturers to ease collaboration between system engineering teams by using a single repository for all product development data including specifications, 3D models, code, analysis results, and manufacturing requirements. Not centralizing can cause new project to quickly get off track with duplication of past work. In fact, Dassault Systemes proposes a new full experience to develop smarter products faster by lightening the development process complexity.

The more consumers look for multi-function high tech products, the more manufacturers face highly complex systems development. The challenge is that sometimes key design elements must be ‘outsourced’, perhaps to another company division or team or even to a business partner. When the teams must collaborate on a new project and haven’t worked together before, having a robust collaboration process and platform is critical to fast ramp-up and design delivery.

On a related topic, prototyping is a required development task to assure on-target product configuration. However, physical prototypes can be very expensive and if you’re off target with your completed prototype, then finding the best configuration becomes a guessing game. Many of our customers are now simulating prototypes to enable development of multiple prototypes to assure on-target configuration.

At Dassault Systemes, we are honored to support LG Electronics with their development process enhancement for all its divisions: Mobile Communications, Home Entertainment and Home Appliances and Air-conditioning.

Eric Rogge is a member of the High-Tech Industry team

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