Helping prepare Rwanda’s students for the future with SolidWorks

By Matthew
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As some of you may know, we at SolidWorks have been active in Rwanda for a number of years. SolidWorks’ founder Jon Hirschtick first heard of Rwandan president Kagame’s vision for improving Rwandan design and manufacturing education from a friend (and SolidWorks customer) in 2005.

Jon and former CEO Jeff Ray initially helped with creating an engineering software program for local technical colleges, including ETO Gitarama, ETO Muhima and the Kigali Institute of Technology (KIST). SolidWorks provided courseware for design and manufacturing, materials that teachers could use in the classroom, models by which students could learn to digitally create products and embark on careers in 3D design and product development.

SolidWorks later joined with the Rwandan government and Innnovate3D (a division of TenLinks) to create Gasabo 3D, a provider of 3D CAD modeling services to global industries. Today Gasabo 3D is also reverse-engineering the parts used in internationally-made farm equipment, allowing Rwandan engineers to quickly fabricate replacement components or entirely new machines in a short period of time.

One of the teams here at Dassault Systemes recently created a short video about our involvement for a film contest hosted by the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship. We encourage you to watch it, and if you’re so inclined, vote for the video to proceed to the next stage of the contest (our video is listed as Dassault Systemes).

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Customer Value at the Core of Companies’ Thoughts

By Dominique
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High-Tech mosaic

People & Technology at the heart of Innovation

Mike Demler, Technical Editor — EDN, recently concluded in his article, The design-to-cost imperative and customer value , that ‘Too many companies in “mature” competitive industries blame customers or the tough economy for driving down prices. The lesson from the most successful companies is to continually deliver greater value. Companies should focus more on how their engineers can design for value rather than obsess over balance-sheet-driven cost-cutting strategies, in which layoffs and outsourcing are all too prevalent.’

The focus here is on innovation versus purely cost reduction.  Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is a significant element to the equation as it impacts not only costs reduction, but more importantly provides the means to deliver top-line growth.  Another more recently and extremely critical element to foster innovation is the move by Dassault Systemes (DS) to tie social innovation with the product development process, also known as PLM2.0 as supported by the DS V6 online platform.

V6 facilitates that connection between “Customer” and “Company” in a LifeLike manner all the way through to the engineering, to which Mike Demler is referring.

Consumer Focus + Technology Leadership + Business Process Agility: these are the drivers for DS in the High-Tech industry as expressed by our customers and that we drive with V6 capabilities.

It’s comforting for me to see that we all share a common vision to place consumers and consumer value at the core.



New way of doing things within the High Tech Industry

By Dominique
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Change is definitely persistent in my world. 

Activity for DS in the Construction (AEC) is taking off, you may have seen and heard about some of the initial elements – if not, see here (Live Buildings).  Though my role with our AEC team was just begining, I’ve been asked and accepted to perform a similar role helping DS develop online business & communities with a focus in the High-Tech (HT) industry.

One of the things I really like about my new role is getting back in front of our customers.  Following some recent High-Tech customer meetings, I have heard some recurring business objectives mentioned: 

  • Increase efficiency with Real-time, Online collaboration,
  • Increase quality via a common online platform integrating multiple partners and suppliers, and in such a highly competitive market,
  • Security and traceability on all product development activity. 
  • Need to better connect with the targeted consumer early and throughout the process to try to ensure product success when released  (consider that today about 52% of all products released to market fail – based on an AMR Research market study).

It is amazing to me to see how customers in HT are working with us to develop new tools and methods to push innovation and productivity further. 

Clarion Malaysia is a customer using V6 PLM Express for both styling and mechanical design to improve business with better productivity, innovation and creativity.  Toshihuki Nakazaki-san, Deputy Managing Director, stated that “V6 PLM Express provides us with a new way of doing things, is aligned with our objective, and offers great scalability at a competitive price.”  Learn more about the results as shared by our latest customer success with Clarion here: Customer Stories  or Flyer

In my High-Tech community role, I’m seeking to learn more about you, more about innovative ways online that we at DS may help you to achieve your goals. 

I’d love to hear from you either online or offine, with ideas or things you dream about to do business more efficiently, or differently.  Don’t be shy, please share any comments or ideas below!

Cheers,  Dominique

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