Lifelike Experience for Companies + Consumers

By Kate

This 3 minute video explains what lifelike experience means. Note it’s not science fiction; this is happening already!

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What do you think?



P.S. You can read and watch examples of how companies are using this technology in our interactive online Contact Mag “Lifelike Experience” edition.

An Optimist on Change

By Dominique

as things will change, may as well be fun

Change is never easy, not even when one wants it.  

If like me you see change to be an opportunity, then you’ll understand where I’m coming from when I share with you several instances of change I’ve observed, am currently driving, or simply dealing with.

• Observed change – Along with hundreds of other attendees at last week’s DSCC event in Orlando, FL and again this week at ECF outside of Paris, we had a good chuckle when Bernard Charles cheerfully discussed DraftSight, “the first free software from Dassault Systemes!”  What a change for Dassault Systems (3DS).  When I joined the company back in 2004, I would have never imagined that DS would one day be giving something away.  Never say never.

• Driving change on both a personal and professional level – must be that 40’s something phase.  I have been fortunate enough to define a new career path for myself.  Excited!  What else could I be learning about many things: online communities, social innovation, new ways to communicate and connect.  All this in what is a relatively new industry context for both 3DS and myself – Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC). 

My goal is to meet with those within the industry seeking to spur innovation, achieve greater productivity, efficiency, and sustainability.  This translates to an amazing and diverse group of people from: owners, contractors, architects, and engineers to a wide range of subcontractors and buildings product manufacturers, through to operators and the end user.  Connecting, facilitating, helping – all things I enjoy doing.

• Dealing with change – Change that is forced upon us and must be dealt with.  For example, the turbo on my 8-year-old car is ready to die.  I must either have it replaced (a hefty fee for an older vehicle) or purchase a new family car.  Something is definitely going to change. 

Being from California and an optimist, I figure that if things are going to change as they always do, then I might as well make the most of it.

What type of inspiring change have you observed, are driving or dealing with? 
Share a comment.



Sheet Metal Design in CATIA V6

By Caroline

Today’s CATIA video pick is about mechanical design.  To learn more about the video I’ve spoken with Marc Fandard, our mechanical design specialist.

But first, the video:

Sheet Metal Design Made Easier

YouTube Preview Image

This is a technology demo teaser and was made for engineers and sheet metal designers.  The video shows a new design concept.

In this live application, the whole design is made by simple dragging movements in the 3D. The design is not history based anymore, you just directly manipulate your part in the 3D, creating your sheet metal flanges and bends easily. Only a few contextual icons are available. Still you can make some precise definitions with measurements, and work in an assembly context.

Marc tells me that this application is available in all CATIA V6 packages. The idea is to have something simple to use that will help you save time when you work on sheet metal design, and that could be accessible to casual users.

Marc likes best how this application is straight to the point and clean, perhaps a more intuitive way of working.   What do you think?

That’s all folks!

To learn more about CATIA Sheet Metal, you will want to have a look here.


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