Anyone up for Open Source Car Development?

By Kate

I’ve got two bits of news for you:

1. We’re hosting the Community Based e-Car Development Conference @DS Vélizy Campus on November 22. 
2. The conference will kick off a real project that just may please you automotive, open source, sustainability folks.

Need a few more reasons to attend?  Watch this short video and see if Jonathan can persuade you:

YouTube Preview Image

And register online here if you’d like to attend!  I’ll be there . . .



Governor Granholm Visits Dassault Systèmes Campus

By Kate

Today was the first time since my high school graduation that I’ve had the chance to speak with a US Governor.  On the occasion of the Paris Motor Show, Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm was in town, and we are proud that she decided to also stop by Dassault Systèmes Campus.

After her visit of The LIVES, we spoke about technology, the automotive industry, and how 3D and virtual worlds can be leveraged by the US government for the betterment of American people.  And Pierre graciously accepted to Flip our chat:

YouTube Preview Image

Merci beaucoup Governor Granholm for generously sharing your thoughts and time!  Have a safe trip back to Michigan, and à bientôt j’espère!



Turning Icebergs into Drinking Water?

By Cedric

This post was published in honor of Blog Action Day 2010 and its theme: water.

It’s a common mistake to confuse ice fields, which are composed of frozen seawater and populated with polar bears, with icebergs, our floating mountains composed of frozen drinking water.

And did you know that, each year, the equivalent of the world’s supply in drinking water melts away into the ocean?

Why should just sit by and let this happen?  Why not use icebergs as an alternative source for drinking water?

This is French Arts & Métiers Engineer Georges Mougin’s dream since 40 years!

At first this idea may seem too outlandish, but perhaps Mougin is a visionary?  Today while the most pessimist prospectors predict a worldwide conflict based on ‘blue gold’ in 2050, Dassault Systèmes has decided to help Mougin reexamine his project with the help of 21st Century technology.

And what if 3D scientific simulation and virtual worlds can give life to an idea that died down last century? Perhaps this was due to technology-linked obstacles and limited knowledge of our oceans and weather.  Perhaps Mougin was ahead of his times . . .

A documentary under the direction of Jean-Michel Corillion is being made to tell this story.  It’s called Ice Dream and in a few months will be broadcast in various countries.  We’ll keep you posted as the details unfold.  But for now, enjoy the sneak preview below!

YouTube Preview Image


Cédric Simard is Dassault Systèmes Project Director for Ice Dream

P.S. For more information about our water challenges, watch this video made especially for Blog Action Day 2010.

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