Where Social Media and Game Development Collide

By Cliff

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Social Media! This term has been used and overused over the last few years. It seems the whole world has gone “social”.  Truth is we were always social, we’re just using the internet as a medium to become more social, and expand our network.

Social Gaming, was the buzz-word at the recent Game Developers Conference (GDC).  Even the larger game companies are jumping on board  the bandwagon and developing more “social games”, not just single or two-player games for your Playstation, XBOX, or Wii.

3DVIA introduced another “social” term at GDC:  Social Game Development.

I would imagine you could guess the definition.

As WordPress and YouTube have revolutionized “Social Media”, 3DVIA is revolutionizing  the way we will build 3D online games.

Social Game Development allows artists, designers, and developers to work collaboratively on the same game, without being in the same location.

3DVIA’s new game engine 3DVIA Studio, allows anyone to work collaboratively, share common components, and build simple prototypes or complex applications.  The game can be easily tested and shared online.

The first game created using 3DVIA Studio, is quite impressive and was built in only seven weeksBillions, Save them All, is a game built by 3DVIA, ZOINK Games and JUDIVA Entertainment.  The great thing is that we are allowing others add to the game.  The source code for Billions is open to all, so anyone can add another level, another character, or another barrier.

Here is a presentation from GDC with Klaus Lyngeled, the Creative Director of Zoink Games, about 3DVIA Studio and Social Game Development:

Here is an example of Social Game Development in action:
I am a 3D artist, not a game designer, or a developer, but I have a great idea for a 3D game.  I want to design the environment and characters for the game, but I do not have the technical skill to write software.  So, I login to 3dvia.com, and search for developers who can help me. After a simple search I find a developer, or two, who can create the game, or parts of the game such as a plugins or component.

But why is this so revolutionary?

Before games were built in one office and the game had to be compiled daily.  If the artist happened to be in a separate location, there was no easy way to see the game.  With 3dvia.com this is no longer a problem.  Using 3DVIA Studio, the developer just publishes the game (no compiling) to 3dvia.com, and sends me (the 3D Artist) the link.  I can test the game in my browser, from any computer with web access.

I’m very excited about Social Game Development and can’t wait to see what games 3dvia.com members will team up to build over the next few months.

For more info about Social Game Development and 3DVIA Studio take a look at this 2-minute video:

To get started with 3DVIA Studio (for FREE) start here.

So what do you think about this?



Dassault Systèmes Education Goes Social

By Charles


Hi everyone,

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Creativity in 3D Contest

By Xavier

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Post your 3D Creativity and win an Apple iPod Touch!

Create and Convince, the two obsessions of Creative Designers.

Yes, creation has always been the key mission and challenge for Designers. Working on future products, trying to anticipate and visualize the future consumer trend is a difficult exercise.

iToy Long+SketchCreation always start with a drawing, by sketching your ideas coming from multiple sources of inspiration; from your living experience, nature or existing products. But there is an additional way creativity can also be a source of instant inspiration.  It’s about sculpting!

Yes sculpting is materializing your creation in three dimensions, but it is also a source of Creative inspiration while you are shaping your object. It is during this mental iterative process that the shape you are forming is also influencing your creativity. The level of interaction you can have and feel with your shape finally inspires your creativity.

The first expression of Creativity for designers starts with a drawing by sketching in 2D their Design intent, and with CATIA we give the ability to transform this 2D design expression into a 3D reality.

Since a few years, a new generation of young Industrial Designers also expresses their creativity in 3D. With new technologies like 3D Subdivision surfaces combined with the level of interactive manipulation and user experience, 3D becomes a real creative tool. Giving the ability to designers to create in 2D but also directly in 3D like a sculptor with Virtual Clay modeling.

YouTube Preview ImageThis new paradigm of modeling gives Creative Designers the ability to express ideas and creativity in 3D.

With this Creativity in 3D contest we would like to give you the opportunity to share your creations made with Dassault Systèmes CATIA product. To participate, just post on the blog your 3D Products Creativity with screenshot, Rendering, Videos or Link to Videos. Feel free to add any comment or details about your visuals.

Share your creativity, Blow away the DS community . . .

. . .  And win an Apple iPod Touch.

And a physical Prototype of your creation !!!

Post your 3D creation until the 7 May 2010.  On May 19, 2010 a Dassault Systèmes jury including our DS Design Studio will publish the five best creations in 3D on our community website and the top three winners will receive an Apple iPod Touch.

And by the way, if you have any thought about Creativity in 3D feel free to leave a comment !

—————— BREAKING NEWS !!! ———————–


Our Partner Value Print is pleased to offer a free physical prototype to the 3 winners.

The prototype will be made by Rapid Prototyping at a 15 cm size.





Good luck!




click here for the Winners announcement !

… and watch the Best-of Video

YouTube Preview Image

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