Stay in control of your Wind Energy project

By Anne
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Managing the Wind turbine Product development is a complex process, given the diverse engineering, testing and manufacturing disciplines and the globalization of these departments.

The program duration of a new Wind turbine design is typically five years. How do companies continue to develop innovative products and bring them to market quicker?

Traditionally, each department implemented its own system to maintain the project data, which resulted in data duplication, lack of traceability and no standardization of processes leading to significant project delays and cost overruns.

Managing the project development process on a single collaborative platform across departments enables concurrent engineering between design, testing and manufacturing. You can reduce the time needed to validate the design, enable early start of production, and reduce time to market. By providing design with early feedback, issues can be detected much earlier in the development process, thereby eliminating costly manufacturing problems and delays.

Watch the video and see our software in action!  :-)

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Anne Busson is a member of the Energy, Process & Utilities team.


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