Enter into the 4th Industrial Revolution

By Diana
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The way goods are produced today is completely different, and so are the goods produced.

With the new trends in technology, consumers can now influence design and control production, and manufacturers are now able to adapt quickly to specific consumer demands.

I think we can say that “The rules of the game have changed”.

This big shift is particularly exciting for consumers who are able to see the results of their input taken into consideration. Gone are the days when manufacturers were not aligned with consumer feedback. Today the technology exists for the development and creation processes to engage consumers earlier to poll for their ideas and opinions. Consumers can become a part of the development process.

I’m sure you’re now curious to see how this is made possible.

Discover 10 trends that will build the 4th Industrial Revolution and what solutions are available to help you lead the change  :-)

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One response to “Enter into the 4th Industrial Revolution”

  1. Joakim Nilsson says:

    #1 Consumer Experiences and #4 Internet of things are where I think most businesses can find opportunities today. Just take a look around ourselves, are we surrounded with great experiences (no), are we surrounded with smart connected devices (sometimes). Endless opportunities for those business willing to invent!

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