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By Diana
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According to J. Källgren of Modular Management,

Industrial Equipment companies have every interest in working with their clients as early as possible so that they can suggest design improvements or convince the client to use their type of equipment. In this way, lead times go down for everyone and customers obtain a more cost-effective price than if everything is specifically tailored for them.

If you’d like to know more about modularity here is a short extract of the white paper we prepared for you:

A company’s survival depends on its ability to manufacture products that people are willing to buy. In today’s market economy, companies have every interest in monitoring market shifts and adapting their product mix to continue to satisfy demand. Part of what they have learned in recent years is that customers seek solutions tailored to their needs. It is no longer enough to focus on producing quality products to make a sale.

There is much more inside, so get a copy tailored to your company’s profile now :wink:

Get your customized whitepaper on modularity

Talk to you soon:-)

Diana is a member of the Industrial Equipment industry team.


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