By Kate
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So by now I hope you’ve heard about how seemingly innocent cereal boxes have become 3D game consoles and VR headsets.  Yippee, 3D for all, VR for all!

But wait.  What about The Supergeeks?

We can get picky and say,

“Hey, the red-blue cereal-box glasses are ok for a stereoscopic view, but they mess up my colors!”

Well thank goodness for the 3D  TV and its glasses.

This little video will show you how to VR-a-fy your 3D TV in just a few simple steps.  Check it out:

YouTube Preview Image

This VR-cereal-box gameplay is like Kinect, only it’s easier on your budget and you get to eat breakfast too!  ;-)

What do you think about this?



P.S. The game link is:

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4 responses to “HOW TO: VR Your 3D TV”

  1. Richard Williams aka Corporal Willy says:

    The technology is kind of rough on the surface yet and I am someone that still uses two cans and a wire for phone conversations. But I did see one of these TV’s set up in a store once. Maybe in ten years or so it will be much better. I also remember when TV’s first came out on the consumer marketplace in 1947. So I have seen quite an evolution on this type of media. I will have to admit to you, I don’t watch TV anymore. Only the news and science type of shows. Nice post. Keep going.

  2. Kate says:

    Hi Richard, merci for your comment. Yes I also look forward to seeing how the techno evolves. Like from the radio to the television, is this the last TV we’ll have, and what’s next?

  3. 3dtv says:

    You’ve got great insights about 3d tv, keep up the good work!

  4. vr headsets says:

    Great way to support this fast growing technology.

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