Experience Dassault Systèmes Application Innovation Summit on Stage

By Dominique
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Bernard Charles - CEO (center), Dominique Florack - Senior EVP Products R&D (right), and me, Dominique Anderson (left)

Acting as “MC” of the recently held Dassault Systemes Application Innovation Summit (DS AIS) was both informative and fun.  Besides my role as Online Business & Community manager within the High-Tech Industry, I’ve had the pleasure of helping “keep pace” and to “put some energy” into the show with our distinguished speakers. Privileges of being MC include interacting with each of the speakers and simply being present.


What an exciting event this year: one of the more interactive segments was conducting the opening exchange with Dominique Florack.  Delivering his key messages as part of a dynamic discussion made it more interesting for the audience to follow the many key messages and hot-off-the-press announcements.

Mr. Florack shared a remark with the audience that I found most profound; stating that the announcements being made during this summit were the most important he has had the pleasure of making over the last 15 years or so.

Future is on the cloud

If there had been any doubt or questions about the future of Dassault Systemes; it’s on the cloud.   The value and impact we seek to deliver with the help of our extensive partner network is all focused on modeling the “Consumer Experience.”

The dynamics of the world economy, the rapidly evolving demands and expectations of consumers, along with the accelerating change and adoption of technologies is the context to, as Mr Florack said, “… empower the individual, communities and businesses”.

What a great place to be working where the potential to positively impact the world is a tangible perspective.



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