3D City Management: Reducing Noise Pollution

By Bruno
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Welcome to part two of my 3D City Management series. In the last episode I explained how urban areas will expand and must be carefully designed to enable sustainable development.

Since then I’ve been contacted by some software companies about hosting their solutions on our open 3D City Management platform. The idea for today’s post came from one of those calls. So thanks PiXXIM and CSTB for your contribution!

Noise pollution. The image above says it all. It’s a topic we all know a little too intimately. How can 3D City Management help reduce noise pollution?

The below TVnima will give you some ideas:

YouTube Preview Image

What do you think about this?

See you soon!


P.S. Next time I’ll talk about traffic jams.

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  1. Francois Bouffard says:

    excellent presentation and I am looking forward to see the next episode regarding traffic.

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