Focus on the Future: An Exchange with Med Students

By Charles
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Check out the video below of our CEO, Bernard Charlès, listening to and brainstorming with medical school students about new applications for 3D technology in healthcare:

YouTube Preview Image

The students share their ideas about how 3D experiences could make their jobs easier through role-playing, modeling the human body, simulating the results of taking medication, personalizing patient care, and developing next-generation medical equipment.

Bernard further stimulates their imaginations by showing on his iPad concrete examples of:

  • Reducing the suffering of burn victims (watch video below);
  • Simulating the effects of smoking and drinking;
  • Demonstrating the propagation of cholesterol in a human cell;
  • Improving the performance of prosthetic limbs.
YouTube Preview Image

I’d love to get your thoughts about expanding the uses of 3D in the education and life sciences communities! :)

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3 responses to “Focus on the Future: An Exchange with Med Students”

  1. Corporal Willy says:

    Mr. Charles, has once again inspired me to think along the same lines or effort to bring better medicine to those that need it now. I am an idea type of person. Learning more about the medical needs can help me come up with ideas to consider. Are there any online consultations we might have with others?

  2. Charles says:

    Dear Willy, for more information about using 3D technology in life sciences, I’d like to refer you to our website: . Let me know if you have any questions. Charles

  3. Alice says:

    We all know that most of the pain comes from the brain.So if they will be able to reduce the suffering it will be a huge step for science.Great article!

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