The Personal Touch

By Michael
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Are you aware how effective it is to have an identifying emblem directly applied on a product? Did you ever ask yourself how a company manages to establish brand awareness by slipping the product name or logo into your subconscious?

You recognize it / you touch it / you feel it / you eat it … you internalize it!

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However, everyone who ever tried to “sign” a 3D model by applying a name, a phrase or a logo probably became aware that this is not a straight-forward task, as it must be done by modeling every detail as 3D volume. This can get quite tedious and time-consuming.

Now, in my discovery series of world wonders and Dassault Systèmes partner solutions, I’d like to present a company called VISION NUMERIC with their CAAV5 product “Type3”. What this sleek application does can be compared with an Office Word editor – but this time you can write in three dimensions onto a structured surface.

Type3 runs within CATIA and will merge any text or graphics with the 3D CAD model. Afterwards this application can be patterned and colored. And its geometries can still be adapted to respond to change requests.


Sounds logical? Yes it does. And the benefits are obvious too: efficiency gains with Type3 and CATIA are reported to quantum-leap the traditional way of virtually chiseling into the surface. Practical it is.


Personalizing your 3D model has never been easier. I wonder: is there a reason not to use Type3?

To start online, find detailed information and specifications regarding Type3 on the PLM MarketPlace. For the records: Vision numeric is headquartered in France with global representations and resellers, to support your PLM project needs locally. Philippe Blache is your focal point to get in touch.

This ends today’s report of DS Partners’ applications. I hope that you have been touched.

Best, Michael

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