Mydeco Eyedeco Buydeco

By Kate
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You heard it here first folks! 

Remember my sneak prevue post?  iPhone + Photos + 3D Objects = Yum! 

Ok, look again (or for the first time) and notice the lead photo. 

Nah, not the 3D object superimposed on the 2D photo.  Look at the person sitting in the chair. 

Yeah, yeah, Brent Hoberman from  Who cares? 

Ahhh, well read this from Retail Technology news! launches the ‘Furnish Your Photo’ app

I’d seen some buzz about this recently on Twitter, but then Fred sent me the link to the Retail Technology article and I thought twas time to share with you 3DP people. 

According to the article:

The interior design retail website said although the app already includes more interior design themed 3D models than any other iPhone app, it plans to expand the range to include approx 75,000 3D models from the catalogue of over 5 million furniture items already available on

So what are you waiting for, iPhone users?  Grab the mydeco app and start making your interior design fantasies reality!  Just take your photos then you mydeco, eyedeco and if you like what you see, buydeco. 



P.S. It’s not only the little white rabbit that’s running out of time.  Time’s running out on mydeco’s Alice in Wonderland 3D room contest as well.  Closing date is THIS Friday!

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2 responses to “Mydeco Eyedeco Buydeco”

  1. Herve says:

    Kate, I can’t find it from my iPhone AppStore search panel. What’s the application name? Is it reserved to the US AppStore or already available in Europe? Please help. Thanks.

  2. Kate says:

    Hi Hervé, good question. So my seemingly technical problem last night is answered by this too. ;-) Seems because the UK and US are the only places where is selling furniture right now, to access the app you have to go to the UK or US iTunes stores.

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