Creativity in 3D Contest

By Xavier

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Post your 3D Creativity and win an Apple iPod Touch!

Create and Convince, the two obsessions of Creative Designers.

Yes, creation has always been the key mission and challenge for Designers. Working on future products, trying to anticipate and visualize the future consumer trend is a difficult exercise.

iToy Long+SketchCreation always start with a drawing, by sketching your ideas coming from multiple sources of inspiration; from your living experience, nature or existing products. But there is an additional way creativity can also be a source of instant inspiration.  It’s about sculpting!

Yes sculpting is materializing your creation in three dimensions, but it is also a source of Creative inspiration while you are shaping your object. It is during this mental iterative process that the shape you are forming is also influencing your creativity. The level of interaction you can have and feel with your shape finally inspires your creativity.

The first expression of Creativity for designers starts with a drawing by sketching in 2D their Design intent, and with CATIA we give the ability to transform this 2D design expression into a 3D reality.

Since a few years, a new generation of young Industrial Designers also expresses their creativity in 3D. With new technologies like 3D Subdivision surfaces combined with the level of interactive manipulation and user experience, 3D becomes a real creative tool. Giving the ability to designers to create in 2D but also directly in 3D like a sculptor with Virtual Clay modeling.

YouTube Preview ImageThis new paradigm of modeling gives Creative Designers the ability to express ideas and creativity in 3D.

With this Creativity in 3D contest we would like to give you the opportunity to share your creations made with Dassault Systèmes CATIA product. To participate, just post on the blog your 3D Products Creativity with screenshot, Rendering, Videos or Link to Videos. Feel free to add any comment or details about your visuals.

Share your creativity, Blow away the DS community . . .

. . .  And win an Apple iPod Touch.

And a physical Prototype of your creation !!!

Post your 3D creation until the 7 May 2010.  On May 19, 2010 a Dassault Systèmes jury including our DS Design Studio will publish the five best creations in 3D on our community website and the top three winners will receive an Apple iPod Touch.

And by the way, if you have any thought about Creativity in 3D feel free to leave a comment !

—————— BREAKING NEWS !!! ———————–


Our Partner Value Print is pleased to offer a free physical prototype to the 3 winners.

The prototype will be made by Rapid Prototyping at a 15 cm size.





Good luck!




click here for the Winners announcement !

… and watch the Best-of Video

YouTube Preview Image

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94 responses to “Creativity in 3D Contest”

  1. Kate says:

    If you want to submit your entry via video, please go to and click the link “Post a video response”. Otherwise, you can submit your JPEG in this comment section. So get your creative juices flowing and good luck! ;-) Kate

  2. Josh says:

    so is this just for CATIA users? can you send me more info Kate? thanks.

  3. Kate says:

    Hi Josh, this contest is sponsored by the CATIA for Design folks and is for CATIA users. Are you interested in a contest mixing CATIA, SolidWorks and 3DVIA Shape?

  4. Jonathan says:

    IS there any particular subject? Or is it open to pure inventive genius?

  5. Xavier says:

    No particular subject, No particular category, just express your creativity.
    It is open to everyone ! Professionals, students, teachers, Kids, young & old …..
    It is open to pure Inventive Genius.

  6. Dominik Wöllm says:

    Design Tattoogun
    built in CATIA V5R19 Imagine&Shape


  7. Dominik Wöllm says:

    Hairtrimmer built with CATIA V5R19


  8. Dominik Wöllm says:

    built with CATIA V5R19


  9. Dominik Wöllm says:

    One again my Tattoogun called CUTICULATOR
    built with CATIA V5R19

    All renderings are done with CATIA PhotoStudio


  10. Nareen says:

    The designs we have to do only in CATIA or any other software like pro/e..solidworks.

  11. NTW says:

    Is there any particular workbench the work has to be done in?

  12. Larry Rosenthal says:

    I just stumbled upon this website…Guys… Ive been “3d and creativity” for 20 years. :) Ran two 3D Online sigs, lectured at Apple on this in early 90s..etc..

    All the pieces?!- I see so much of the pieces I tried to get companies to make/offer/combine as tools/media decades ago being owned by DS now… but the messaging..?..and the ability for a teen in Ohio or Osaka to find this, or figure out WHAT/ WHO they are to it all….

    lets talk.:)

  13. Juleeane says:

    Do you post your renders here? or where do yo send the project?

  14. xavier melkonian says:

    Juleeane, Yes Post your render, video link & screenshot here.

  15. xavier melkonian says:

    NTW, No specific CATIA Workbench is mandatory. use anyone that helps you to be creative.

  16. Camilo Parra says:

    Drink bottle for kids. The design was thinked for the most easiest posible to grab and use, with a fun way to do. The nozzle has made with a ball joint.


  17. Viswakarma says:

    Unfortunately CATIA does not run on Macintosh Computers using Mac OS X (Unix). There are quite a few creative people use Macintosh Computers!!!

    You are therefore missing out a very large group of people who can participate in Creativity 3D Contest.

  18. sara says:

    hellow, i want to know how can i get this program?

  19. SUJITH says:

    designed this bus with catia v5r19 surface modeling

  20. SUJITH says:

    my design


  21. SUJITH says:

    my design


  22. Harvid says:

    Catia questions.
    Is it possible to import poly (quads) mesh into catia like .obj ?

  23. Harvid says:

    more precise Import poly into Imagine & Shape IMA

  24. Lucas Xavier says:

    so i should model using Catia V5 right?
    but can i use another program to render??

  25. Xavier says:

    everything should be CATIA !

  26. SUJITH says:

    designed with CATIAV5R19


  27. NTW says:

    Are you ready to get your insides twisted in a knot? Are you brave enough to face your fears? Take a ride on Flummox, the world’s most insane roller coaster ride experience! This one of a kind coaster sits you on the outside of the track so there’s nothing between you and the ground on these seats that can spin a full 360 degrees! The momentum and direction changes of the loopy layout cause riders to do full back flips and other aerial maneuvers. But don’t worry, the fun doesn’t last long and soon riders safely return to the station, being slowed by the magnetic brakes. After your ride, stumble on over to the photo and gift shop to remember your experience of a lifetime forever. This compact layout is ideal for amusement parks or malls with limited real estate. The ride is almost as fun for spectators to watch from the ground as it is to ride it too!


  28. mohamad zihad bin mahmud says:

    Designer chair

    a chair that is made specially for designer. with a back support that support your bottom spine and a free top so that circulation blood is not blocked. it just a shape and still no mechanism or fabric attached.

    the design is suit for high profile design company. i hope all like it

    workbenches used – imagine and shape R19, photo studio R19.

    catia v5 specialist
    universiti sains malaysia


  29. mohamad zihad bin mahmud says:

    this three pictures are continuation of my previous designer chair submission.hope all like it.


  30. Vlad says:

    I’ve just created this small 3d model ready for 3d printing in order to give it to my wife as a wedding gift.


  31. Smashing Cadillac says:

    Here is a qucik modeling I made on V6R2010x in less than a hour using Imagine and Shape and Generative Shape Design with V6 rendering ambiances and CATIA Rendering using MentalRay.

    Finally using CATIA Live Distiller I published it on


  32. Saleh Ameri says:

    Perfume Packaging Design
    built in CATIA V5R19
    sculpting in Imagine&Shape /surface modeling.

    Saleh Ameri


  33. Saleh Ameri says:

    Appliance Design

    built in CATIA V5R19
    sculpting in Imagine&Shape /surface modeling.

    Saleh Ameri


  34. Dominik Wöllm says:

    Wheeldesign for a Wheelchairproject

    Partdesign + Imagine & Shape + Photostudio


  35. UNIZAk says:

    Buggy car built with Catia V5 :-)

  36. Germy says:

    A complete scene – all elements were designed in CATIA V5 Imagine & Shape.
    This was one of my first models while I began to work with IMA.
    I am not very used to rendering … sure it could be much better. :)

  37. Vinayak says:

    Created an idol of Lord ‘Ganesha’ using Imagine & Shape + Real Time Rendering
    Refer the link below and don’t forget to turn on the speakers.


  38. xavier melkonian says:

    Hi everyone,

    This one is out of the contest but a great exemple of Creativity in 3D.
    A student from Yulin university gave us this video. check it on you tube !!

    [img]vlcsnap-263572.png[/img] [img]Bike2.png[/img]

  39. Germy says:

    Another small model …
    I named it “No Idea” …

    The modelisation was made again with CATIA V5 Imagine & Shape.
    I imported the model in CATIA V6, just to test predefined visu environments.
    Three of the images are CATIA V5 PH1 rendering. All options were left to default.


  40. Germy says:

    Some simple PC speakers, designed in less than 10 minutes with Imagine & Shape in CATIA V5.
    Screenshot was taken in CATIA V6 in “Dark Mirror” environment.


  41. Alfred says:

    Does it must be done in catia v5?? I find much more easier and nicer to work in any version of NX…

  42. Yazeed Mohamed says:

    Bird sculpture drawn on Catia V5.


  43. Yazeed Mohamed says:

    Wall plaque drawn in Catia V5.
    Could be used in a martila arts dojo or as decoration in a home.


  44. Yazeed Mohamed says:

    3D pooltable balls.
    Using Catia and image manipulation for map rendering within Catia


  45. z m says:

    dear friends,

    ive read earlier post (xavier, 25 march), and i notice that this contest doesnt need specific workbenches to do the project such as IMAGINE AND SHAPE(IMA)? Does this means that participants can used PDG, WSD and GAD for design. I taught that this competition only used IMA for product design (sculpting) and other rendering for product visualization.

    Because sculpting is related to IMA and vice my opinion,if we design with pdg,wsd and gad, it does not reflect with sculpting method that this competition concept wants to adapt such as in the video and contest explanation.

    I am strongly agree that this competition only used ima and only some rendering workbenches to fit its theme that is in sculpting and rendering and didnt include other design workbenches to complete the design.



  46. wow gold says:

    Such a usefule blog wow !!!!

  47. Jason Nip says:


  48. daniel says:

    wht´s the price

  49. Juan Pablo ayala says:

    MAUSA is a tool for the development of urban kitchen gardens in progressive construction houses, to optimize the culture space vertically. This permits obtaining big volumes of productions of nutritional plants as much aromatic which allows low income people to cultivate healthy, organic foods for their feeding, and also to generate surpluses for the sale to micro-enterprises and cooperatives.

    Mesh developed and rendered in blender


  50. mohamad zihad bin mahmud says:


    For single rider. complete with simple build turbine engine for forward acceleration and to power up side lift turbine.

    these scooter is suitable for those who wants aero speed and passion and for long distance.

    all designed in catia with IMA and rendering workbench.


  51. DELCAMBRE Julien says:

    My project is about extreme sport for people who want to practise their favorite sport in mountain.
    The vehicule transport you to the ski resort at the top of the mountain. Finally it is a generative machine of strong sensations which replaces the skilift during summer…



  52. ymongo says:

    Hi there,

    Here is Park, a chaise longue concept as a urban massive concrete furniture. Done with Imagine and Shape in CATIA V5, rendered in Catia V6. Hope you like it!


  53. Jean HONG says:

    M-mouse – Inspired from organic muscle

    Modelling with CATIA V5 “Full” Imagine&Shape


  54. Saleh Ameri says:

    built in CATIA V5R20
    sculpting in Imagine&Shape /surface modeling.

    this is just playing with forms in imagine and shape and developing an idea for this competition!

    “Park Bench & a New Friendship”


  55. Saleh Ameri says:

    another idea developed in imagine and shape for an Electric Car.

    render by Keyshot .


  56. NikhilSamarth says:

    Transportation Design
    Name – DEGAUSS
    Version Used – Catia V5R19 ED2
    Designers – Nikhil Samarth

    Overview – Degauss, Tractor, used for Agricultural purposes

    Brief – This design has a peculiar functionalities that we normally wont find in a conventional Tractors. it includes –

    1) complete protection to the driver from the harsh weather.

    2) All wheel drive (4*4) Individual steering action

    3) Body using Composite structures

    4) Rear door, easy access for the driver to the trailer

    5) Multi color LED Lights, for more illumination

    6) Clear 360deg view from the cabin

    -Nikhil Samarth


  57. NikhilSamarth says:

    Transportation Design
    Name – DEGAUSS
    Version Used – Catia V5R19 ED2
    Designers – Nikhil Samarth

    Overview – Degauss, Tractor, used for Agricultural purposes

    Brief – This design has a peculiar functionalities that we normally wont find in a conventional Tractors. it includes –

    1) complete protection to the driver from the harsh weather.

    2) All wheel drive (4*4) Individual steering action

    3) Body using Composite structures

    4) Rear door, easy access for the driver to the trailer

    5) Multi color LED Lights, for more illumination

    6) Clear 360deg view from the cabin

    -Nikhil Samarth


  58. marwan KHIAT says:

    MC2 a concepet of vehicule who use the car fleet as an electric station. His user can use and manage his electrical energy according to his needs for his better choice and comfort.

    Modelling with CATIA V5 “Full” Imagine&Shape


  59. Jon says:

    Untill what time exactly can we post our designs today?

  60. Kate says:

    Hi Jon, we’re accepting submissions until end-of-day in your timezone. Good luck! Kate

  61. Nirmal K says:

    This is portable expresso tea machine i hav d-signed..we can carry it along side…but amazinly it can work on Lithiom ion batteries(lik in mobiles)…..drawbak s the quantity f output s low..
    -3 color “sector”-containers for tea,sugar and milkpowder-a stirrer wit smal motor and theres a heating coil tat heats up all the essence areound a copper container….first we hav to fill it with enough water.then all the proceese are controllred by a logic controller -open/shuts the valves f containers(relays) as reqd,simultaneulsly heating and stirring(motor)
    after a definite time cycle output is no pumping out f tea…4 saving energy…this we hav 2 do tiliting a flask…

  62. Nirmal K says:

    two views…


  63. Nirmal K says:

    this is as an another view


  64. Yann Guinchan says:

    My design is simple.
    I am designer amateur.
    Here I do not know or to publish the 3D Here I put it in 3dvia
    thank you

  65. Yann Guinchan says:



  66. z m says:

    everything should be done with catia right?

  67. JLed says:


    Some renders.
    Audi TT and formula one are not original design but all objects are made with Catia V5 GSD (except vegetation).


  68. ymongo says:

    Here is an Hair Dryer model inspired by my girlfriend one.
    Have a good week end!


  69. Yann Guinchan says:

    new links

  70. JLed says:

    3DVia link :


  71. Hex Ceballos says:

    Architecture Design for a signature spa in Miami, fl.

    Concept was to combine different architecture languages into one.Polymorphism. Example from: 1111 by Herzog & De Meuron, Park guel by Gaudi, and Dillier & Scofidio single surface architectural language.

    Started off with program modeling of spaces using space reservations, and then from there created an elevation sketch of the conceptual building, and modeled the building using advanced surfacing. Later rendered using the existing conditions of the project site.


  72. Nick says:

    These are all wonderful creations! I especially like the roller coaster, very creative.

    Here is my submission. A train engine created in CATIA V5 with part and assembly design. Rendered in 3D Via: I hope to one day actually build this for my real model train set. Cheers.


  73. Benjamin GARSON says:


    I have made this Dock iPod concept on Cati V5R16 using GSD workbench.
    I though that contest was about to develop another dock as the video of the iToy was in introduction, so I started to do another one :)

    This big Apple soundstation is based on simple thoughs : why not use the logo company to develop a product ? And the fact that this mother nature gave us so nice object to be inspired, that it was fun to model one.

    Well, you’ll see lots of speakers, the side parts of the product are grids to filter the sound. The leaf on the top can be unplugged and used as remote control…

    I hope you’ll enjoy it…

    See you!

    P.S : Renderings were done in Hypershot… I haven’t got the licence to use the one integrated in Catia ;)

  74. Jens says:

    light weight carbon saddle – concept 3d sketches – full Imagine and shape


  75. Jens says:

    light weight carbon saddle – concept 3d sketches – full Imagine and shape


  76. Jens says:

    light weight carbon saddle – concept 3d sketches – full Imagine and shape


  77. Jens says:

    light weight carbon saddle – concept 3d sketches – full Imagine and shape


  78. Jens says:

    light weight carbon saddle – concept 3d sketches – full Imagine and shape


  79. Jens says:

    light weight carbon saddle – concept 3d sketches – full Imagine and shape


  80. Jens says:

    light weight carbon saddle – concept 3d sketches – full Imagine and shape


  81. Kate says:

    Hi everyone, many thanks for your contest entries. Submissions are now closed. We will announce the winners on May 19. Good luck! Best, Kate

  82. arun says:

    i would like to share my new creative design.

  83. Kate says:

    Hi Arun, the contest is closed and we’ll be announcing the winners next week. You’re welcome to share your creative designs made in CATIA though. Or you can save them for a future contest. Best, Kate

  84. samarth says:

    when is the result? . . .will it be sent through mail or where we have to look up the top 5?

  85. nikhil raj t says:

    hi. wat time r we going to get the results? how will the winner be notified abt the result?

  86. Kate says:

    Hi, per the contest winners, Xavier will announce them in the form of a blogpost before end of the day. The suspense continues a little while longer . . . Best, Kate

  87. Xavier says:

    Hi everyone,

    Click here for the Winners annoucenement !

    thanks to all for your participation.

  88. Kate says:

    Hi everyone, Xavier has added a Best-Of video from your contest entries and interviews with the winners here:

    Enjoy! Kate

  89. mukesh yadav says:

    i want to be a part of winner

  90. Nirmal Koshy says:

    a simple sedan done in part design & assembly.


  91. Samarth says:

    done in Catia V5


  92. Kate says:

    Hi, sorry we’re repairing the image uploader so you can hopefully view again the great design submissions soon! Meanwhile you can see the winners including a video showcasing the selected designs here:
    best, kate

  93. vins bio says:

    This soft seems awsome, easier than 3Ds max

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