3D + 3P = Sustainable Innovation

By Aurelien
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Sustainable Innovation Dassault Systemes PLM CAD PDM

Do you know the difference between Lifelike Experience and Sustainable Development? Well, the first one is in 3D, while the latter is about 3Ps! If you’re reading this blog I assume you know what 3D is about ;) As for 3Ps, it stands for “People, Planet, Profit”. And when you combine the two, you get what’s needed for sustainable innovation.

Now the trick with sustainability is that it can quickly become very complex. Let’s just take as an example a simple bottle of shampoo… PLM software to the rescue!

YouTube Preview Image

Sooo? Is it clearer now?



Dassault Systemes Aurelien Blaha Aurélien Blaha is a Marketing Analyst at Dassault Systèmes.

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One response to “3D + 3P = Sustainable Innovation”

  1. Cliff says:

    Excellent. First time I have seen sustainable innovation explained in such an straightforward manner.

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