A world of New Features for Fashion & Consumer Goods Companies

By Lauriane
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The Fashion & Consumer Goods industry is driven by consumer demand for on-trend, on-time products. Every year, the retail ‘speed to market’ cycle continues to shrink across virtually all categories, increasing the pressure on retail supply chains to be as responsive as they are cost-sensitive.

However, fashion brands and retailers must face other challenges as well and need to adjust to a world that is constantly accelerating on multiple levels. The consumer expects to have a voice from early product concept to final delivery.

Consumer Goods Retail

The use of 3D technology enables fashion brands to reach their customers in all the touchpoints along the demand chain to create winning consumer experiences.

With virtual universes, Consumer Goods companies can imagine products that create better experiences in a quickly evolving experience economy.

Success lies in adopting a nimble and flexible mindset while adapting to modern consumer expectations.

Discover the Top 10 new features and functions committed to helping Consumer Goods Retailers and Brands enhance their brand identity and create a unique and memorable consumer experience across all channels.

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