Aerospace Collaboration… in the Cloud, of course!

By Aurelien
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In my previous post from our Farnborough series, I mentioned the CRESCENDO project as an insight into the future of modeling and simulation of digital aircrafts. Now, how about collaboration? Collaboration is indeed key when it comes to complex multi-tier supply chains such as in the Aerospace industry. And in order to get a single source of truth, cloud-based collaboration is a must. For that matter, BoostAeroSpace is another great European project fostering cloud-based collaboration for the Aerospace industry (you can also follow @BoostAeroSpace).

Better than any amount of words, check out the video below to see what we mean by a Collaborative 3D Experience in the Aerospace industry, from the passenger experience to the airline operator and to the aircraft manufacturer. All of it happening in the cloud, of course ;)

YouTube Preview Image

What do you think? Wouldn’t it be awesome if a wish you’d share in an online community would turn into reality in the next manufactured aircraft?

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2 responses to “Aerospace Collaboration… in the Cloud, of course!”

  1. Oleg Shilovitsky says:

    Aurelin. is it a real system or visionary marketing video?

  2. Aurelien says:

    Hi Oleg, the scenario itself is visionary, yet we have all the technical bricks to make it happen. The suppliers/OEM collaboration part of the scenario is in production at several aerospace customers (on premise or on the cloud).

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