I love my Austin Mini and Wacky Races!

By Jonathan
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I’m a big fan of classic cars and motorbikes, I’ve got three altogether. My 1987 Austin Mini is my daily runner and I love it. It’s a bit sick at the moment, so I’ve got to look after it! Luckily for sick Minis there are lots of parts available on numerous websites and always so many friendly people to give you advice.

But don’t worry, I do hire big “modern” cars for holidays; my family appreciates the comfort, luggage capacity and above all the safety…and of course, the geek in me likes the gadgets! But there’s something I do in modern cars that I never do in my old “bangers”… I nearly fall asleep at the wheel!

I’m not saying that modern cars should break down and make squeaky noises like old cars, but what about the emotional experience?

Take, for example, the cool commercial for the Peugeot 208. It’s the Wacky Races!

He even gets Penelope at the end, I can’t believe it!

I loved the Wacky Races as a child (and secretly still do), and knew that Transportation & Mobility was where I wanted to work when I grew up. Peugeot’s commercial is so well done, but it got me thinking, which car would I rather be in? The 208 or one of the Wacky racing cars, well I know for sure which would be more fun!

And that’s just it; modern cars are just not fun anymore (except of course expensive thoroughbred sports cars). Modern cars are much safer, they’re quieter, have better music systems, they are an engineering miracle! But, I feel we’ve lost the pleasure of being mobile. I have more fun being mobile when jogging than driving a modern car down a country lane at 100kph!

Peugeot’s purpose “Motion & Emotion” really speaks to me, it really is that. Jump up and down with joy or sit like a sac when you’re sad. We cannot disconnect our emotions with our motions.

What do you think should happen? Should future mobility be more emotional no matter if we take the train, a car, a bicycle or a tram?

In the mean time I’ll still be keeping my 1987 Austin Mini :wink:

Mobilely yours,

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is ‘Executive of the Year’ at MAIN Event

By Paul
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For its third consecutive year, ‘The MAIN Event’ successfully kicked off the North American International Auto Show, on January 13 at historic Orchestra Hall, Detroit.  Dassault Systèmes (3DS) and its Transportation & Mobility / CATIA team members were featured prominently.  Unlike other industry events, MAIN not only celebrates industry executive excellence, but also rewards the ‘next generation’ of industry leaders via vehicle development competition and $100,000 in Ford Motor Company sponsored scholarships.

Highlight of the invitation-only event was multi-industry innovator, Elon Musk, CEO Tesla Motors & SPACEX, who accepted the award for ‘Industry Executive of the Year’ (see below).  ‘Industry Innovator of the Year’ went to Moray Callum, Ford’s Executive Director of Design, for his team’s many achievements in global vehicle platform development.

Dassault Systèmes, as charter sponsor, was well represented at this industry celebration.  Andre Clemons, well-known industry designer from the 3DS industrial design team, presented the 3DS ‘Next Generation of Industry Innovation’ nominees and award winner (see below).  Phil Borchard, from the 3DS North American sales team, presented strategic industry developments and our 3DEXPERIENCE solutions for the Transportation & Mobility industry.  And Paul Silver, from 3DS Transportation & Mobility Global Industry Marketing, served as both host and program manager for the popular event.

Previous MAIN Event industry award winners have included such executive luminaries as Peter Horbury, Vice-President of Volvo Design, Bob Lutz, former Vice-Chairman of General Motors, and student-turned-Ford-designer Jason Falenski, awarded for his innovation on the ‘Ford Sidewinder’ developed with 3DS solutions.

MAIN Event host/chairman Paul Silver, 3DS Global T&M Industry team, and Keith Nagara, Director of MAIN & Transportation Design at LTU, introduce Elon Musk, CEO Tesla Motors and SPACEX, as ‘Industry Executive of the Year’ (Tesla Model S is 2013 ‘Motor Trend Car of the Year’, SPACEX launched first successful US commercial rocket to the International Space Station).


FORD 2025 CROSSWINDS (foreground) won Cherise Caldwell of LTU the top 3DS / MAIN award for ‘Next Generation of Industry Innovation’


Andre Clemons, 3DS Industrial Designer, presents 3DS’ ‘Next Generation of Industry Innovation’ Award to Cherise Caldwell of LTU (pictured here with other competition finalists)



Festival Automobile International and Dassault Systèmes – A Tribute to Creativity in the Age of Experience

By Neno
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January 29th 2013

With the heartbeat from engineering, the lifeblood of vehicle innovation has always been the passion and creativity to shape ever new expressions of the individual mobility experience..

Hardly any other industry sector offers such an arena for technological excellence, combined with inspiration & creation as does the automotive industry. And design is, more than ever, one of the essential parameters to give our passion a future.

Since its origin in 1986, The Festival Automobile International (FAI) mission is to pay tribute to the designers and more largely to all creators who play a role in defending and illustrating individual mobility. Traditionally, this gala reception has become the car designers’ annual rendez-vous.

In today´s automotive environment, creativity is evolving from style, product design, and services, to experiences.

“Beyond design, which itself cannot be reduced to just “style”, we wish to recognise the inventiveness of engineers, some of the most valued allies for designers. We imagined, in partnership with Dassault Systèmes, a second Grand Prix that rewards a company doing significant research optimisation of the user experience of an automobile driver. This implies information improvement and connection with the surrounding world. Professionals name this approach “Creativ’ Experience””, stated Rémy Depoix, International Automobile Festival president


Dassault Systèmes’ mission is to provide business and people with 3DEXPERIENCE universes to imagine sustainable innovations capable of harmonising products, nature and life.

To meet this challenge, it is vital to ensure collaborative work processes, internally and externally to the enterprise, with designers, engineers, researchers and marketing managers, as well as external ad hoc participants, since the innovation flow comes from many directions. Ensuring this flow unleashes the potential of what companies and academics call the new ‘Social Enterprise’. Dassault Systèmes, with its 3DEXPERIENCE platform, provides this ‘linkage’, to corporate decision-makers and marketing personnel, to enable them altogether to create the value that their ultimate consumers are looking for.

Dassault Systèmes has brought value to customers by providing solutions in 3D design for product creation, digital mock-up for replacing physical mock-ups, and product lifecycle management covering the product’s entire lifecycle, from design to production and maintenance. Now, Dassault Systèmes is naturally directed towards the next step on this journey, entering the era of experiences, a new phase already underway with key innovative customers who share this same vision and strive to create customer  ‘experiences’ as the new way of doing business.

The Creativ’Experience Award

The Creativ’Experience Award honors the achievements of innovating the “New Digital automobile” space, to reveal new initiatives that enhance man and machine relationship, user experience, mobile entertainment, navigation and connectivity in the widest sense and support automotive associated services like vehicle usage continuity in a more global & holistic mobility approach.

This Award recognises the creativity and inventiveness throughout the company; engineers, marketers, designers, researchers, ergonomists… collaborating for a focused project.

The objective criteria are creativity, aesthetics, design harmony & integration, easy access & insight, global quality of use and its relevance.

Anne Asensio Bernard Charlès on FAI stage

Anne ASENSIO, VP Design Experience, Dassault Systèmes

Bernard CHARLÈS, President & Chief Executive Officer, Dassault Systèmes

Gilles QUETEL, Advertisement & Event Director, Toyota France

Christophe MOULIN, Master of ceremony

2013 Winner – Toyota “Fun Vii” Concept Car


Unveiled at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show and showcased at Geneva on March 2012 as “Diji”, the “Fun Vii” concept illustrates Toyota’s vision of a future where people, cars and society are linked. “Vii” stands for Vehicle, Interactive and Internet. “Fun” speaks for itself!

The interactive experience includes an LED display covering the exterior surface of the car. It opens entirely new perspectives on user interaction and personalisation. The color of the car can change according to passengers’ needs and moods and it can serve in new ways for information, animation and security purposes..

The TOYOTA concept car explores the idea of traveling in a fully connected world. Using your smartphone, augmented reality enables you to wirelessly connect to roadways, infrastructures, other cars (anticipating potential dangers) or to contact nearby friends. Moreover, a holographic character, through a spoken interface, brings you real-time information and advice for navigation.

Congratulations to TOYOTA, the first winner of the Creativ’Experience Award! We look forward to seeing more of these inspirational new mobility concepts.

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