And the Spring 2015 winner of the Cup of IOT challenge is …

By Fred

We have a winner! The #Madein3D social challenge, 6th edition done in Spring 2015, focused on the Internet of Things, was called Cup of IoT.

This competition was organized by Dassault Systèmes, partnering with: Withings, NoDesign, Prodways, ESNumerique, Cap Digtial and Gizmodo.

The objective was to challenge designers and engineers around the world. Through this international competition, makers let their imagination travel!

The winning teams have been announced at the 3DS Headquarter campus and had the opportunity to pitch their innovative project on stage in front of a crowded amphitheater! During the ceremony, they were rewarded with prizes from Dassault Systèmes and the partners (a smart watch from Witings, iPads). More importantly, their prototypes will be manufactured by Prodways, and they received a free 3DExperience platform license including all professional software for design, simulation and systems as well as industrial mentoring from Dassault Systemes.

The jury picked 3 winners for 2 prizes: Fingy is the 2nd runner-up, Navsafe is the 1st runner-up and Open Space Agency wins the completion with their Ultrascope project! Congratulations to them and to all the participants!

Jordan McRae, the winner of Cup of IoTJordan McRae, with his prototype @ L' Ultrascope.jpg

The Ultrascope project is unique and very innovative! Thanks to 3D printing technology, an Arduino open hardware board and a Microsoft Lumia smartphone, everyone can build his own telescope to detect asteroids. The final goal of this project is to encourage people to help NASA to monitor the sky 24/7. Watch the interview of Jordan McRae, founder of Open Space Agency, to learn more about his telescope and the Cup of IoT contest: YouTube Preview Image

If you want to discover in detail the project, please visit the free online community: Cup of IoT

Now it is your turn to win! Apply for the 2nd edition of the challenge in 2015 that is open until June 12th. Please check out to find out the details!

Can 3D-printing help kids learn how to write?

By Fred

Every day, we see great things coming from the 3DS Fablab, this time we decided to share with you this story, simple in terms of technology but innovative in terms of usage. Working with a Montessori school having innovative education methods it illustrates how 3DEXPERIENCE can contribute in places we would never think about! The tool has been originally designed by Maria Montessori, with the Italian language in mind, so without the difficult French phonemes like the “nasals”. This French specificity is actually one reason for explaining the delay of “explosion into writing” in the French Montessori schools compared to the world average. Following a recent study, the French Montessori Association now recommends the schools to enrich the alphabets with digraphs. As the kids start by writing the sounds (orthography comes later), it is important that they pick only one element for each sound.

3D printed letters

Thanks to these new digrams, there are no more obstacles standing between the children and the messages they are attempting to write. They can write everything and are no longer blocked by complex sounds (“phonemes“) in french such as “ou”, “oi”, “on”, “an”, etc…

Christophe created 3D models of solid digraphs (combinations of 2 letters) so they can improve their tools for writing learning. The digraphs in French are “an”, “ai”, “on”, “ch”, “gn”, etc. Handcrafting of all these digraphs would be very time consuming and inelegant, even if the result is not strictly identical to their existing letters (style, color, thickness). Watch how Christophe used 3D printing and 3DEXPERIENCE to come up with a creative solution:

YouTube Preview Image

The Montessori school is now using this a 3D-printed set of solid letters that the kids use to compose words and sentences. M. Mazzantini, Director of Ecole Montessori Internationale – Jardin du Luxembourg shared her feedback :

Thank you for this wonderful gift that allows the children to take further steps towards writing. It facilitates their autonomy and helps them to master their writting skills at a relatively early age (4, 4 and a half)”.

Hope you will enjoy the story, learning how to write with 3D-printing, a joint project with a Paris-based Montessori school (Ecole Montessori Internationale – Jardin du Luxembourg). You can download 3D letters & digrams.

Congrats Christophe for this great idea ! If you want to hear more about the 3DS FabLab, join the MadeIn3D Community.

A Truly Winning Customer

By Suzanne

Earlier in 2014 you may have read about how SOLIDWORKS was used to design the sled for the United States four-man Bobsled team that won a Bronze medal at the Sochi Olympics. While we believe all our customers are winners having one that has won an Olympic medal is, we admit, rare and very exciting.

This week representatives of the Bo-Dyn Bobsled project, who make the sled, and sled’s driver, Steve Holcomb,  paid a visit to our North America headquarters in Waltham, Mass. to tell our employees about the win and the role SOLIDWORKS played in it.

And they brought a few things with them. 

Steve Holcomb,  Bruno Latchague Geoff Bodine, John Morgan and John Vester

Bruno Latchague, Senior EVP, Americas Market, stands with Steve Holcomb and Geoff Bodine, the founder of Bo-Dyn, and a plaque presented to Dassault Systemes to thank the company for the support of the team. With them are Bo-Dyn’s Executive Director John Morgan and president John Vester.

As you can see in the picture above Steve Holcomb brought his Olympic medals – his Gold from the 2010 Vancouver games and his two Bronzes from Sochi. Here’s a closer look:

Steve Holcomb

I had the chance to hold them and they are very heavy.

Bruno Latchague then introduced the Bo-Dyn team to our Americas employees who gave them a big round of applause.

Bo-Dyn team with Bruno Latchage

After a few words about medal winning run at the Olympics, Geoff Bodine presented Steve Holcomb with even more metal – his official Olympic ring designed by Jostens.

Geoff Bodine and Steve Holcomb

At the conclusion of the event Steve Holcomb  posed with numerous employees, including David Gadarian below, to give them the opportunity to hold the winning medal.

David Gadarian and Steve Holcomb

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