Chocapic Virtual Reality Part 2: sneak look

By Kate
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“We must keep the magic cauldron alive!”

This isn’t a quote from the latest Harry Potter novel; it’s the refrain from last May’s National Innovation Directors Meeting.  Enchantment is the essential element to innovation.  You know it, I know it.  And personally I’m tired of people and companies tooting ‘innovation’ where the magic isn’t.

Enchantment is exactly what Mehdi, Benoit, Muriel and Nicolas are aiming for with what I like to call Chocapic Part 2.  This is Not a Cereal Box was just a beginning.  See how the DS magicians have bumped up the concept in this fresh, technology sneak prevue video.

YouTube Preview Image

Many of us were on summer vacation when it hit, or perhaps you were at your computer but aren’t tuned into the French press.  But according to the folks behind the shiny new study “l’Observatoire de l’innovation publicitaire,” aka Advertising Innovation Observations, the above linked Chocapic campaign was one of the top two advertising campaigns in France last year, so says 82 percent of the general public polled.  That’s because of its magic.

The world of advertising is changing thanks to such innovations.  Agencies are trying to catch up and give themselves ‘total makeovers’.  One of the people behind the study, Plan.Net agency Founder and President Olivier Bronner explains,

“Innovation tends to replace the term creativity in the advertising world.  The rise of new technologies has progressively driven a renewal in the language and shape of advertising.”

Advertising agencies, are you ready?  We’re ready.  And my kids who keep bugging me about buying Chocapic are MORE than ready!

Get your scissors, webcam and traditional computer screen ready… or… even your 3D TV(see video bonus section) . . . October will be here sooner than you think!



Is Facebook the Next Game Console?

By Cliff
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If Social and online networks continue to invest in online gaming (e.g., Google invests $100+ million in Zynga), they will soon challenge consoles for market share and revenue. Currently, console games bring in more than six times the amount of revenue as their casual, online counterparts ($19.66 billion compared to $3 billion). For networks like Facebook to capture console revenue, game graphics must mature from simple 2D, Flash-based, to full 3D. If this happens, the question becomes will Facebook be the next game console?

For years now, 3DVIA has been providing the technology to bring 3D games online all over the Web, including sites like Facebook, Nick Jr., Neopets and more. This week was no exception: 3DVIA launched its first game built on the new 3DVIA Studio engine to Facebook. “Billions, Save Them All” is a full 3D action/puzzle game where players compete for high scores with friends and other Facebook users. The game is made unique by the combination of dreamlike art and innovative gameplay where players construct 3D cube bridges and walk on all sides. It’s a 3D game that stands out in the predominantly 2D Facebook Platform world.

In addition to launching its first 3DVIA Studio game to Facebook, 3DVIA announced the ability to publish games and apps directly to Facebook with just one click (including custom 3DVIA Scenes). This is a great way for 3DVIA users to distribute games and apps to a large audience without having heavy programming knowledge.  See the tutorial here.

This makes one think, could this be the trend? Will 3D social games (i.e. World of Warcraft types) eventually move to the Facebook Platform? It seems to make a lot of sense. Over 500 million people (including myself) use Facebook to stay in touch with friends, keep up-to-date on news and to play games. Why not use Facebook to play more advanced 3D games? Or, why not use game technology to extend Facebooks’s functionality to non-gaming applications…

As we all know, gaming technology can be applied to non-gaming uses. This opens limitless possibilities for Facebook: why settle for a 2D photo and profile of your friend when you could join them in a 3D room to chat in real time, 3D shop to buy virtual goods and so forth.

With such endless possibilities, it’s hard to predict the evolution social networks like Facebook will make. But, as you ponder this, you should play Billions, and check out the quality of the 3D in a web-based game…be careful, it’s addictive.  And, just in case your Boss catches you playing at work, you can tell them that you are “doing research on the future of 3D social gaming”.

We would like to know what your  thoughts are and your predictions for the future of 3D social gaming.

Build Your ‘3D’ Brand

By Cliff
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By now, you should have a Facebook account, a LinkedIn account, possibly a Twitter account, Flickr, and YouTube.  If you read blogs often, you certainly have a profile picture (or two), but…

…do you have a 3D presence?  If not, maybe it’s time to jump on this band-wagon too….why?

For a small subset of people (mostly people younger than myself), having a 3D persona on Second Life or other virtual worlds is common.  If not in Second life, many video games offer the opportunity to create your own persona (My wife is constantly changing her hairstyle and outfit every time the family plays Rock Band).  As recent trends in our industry show us: once something becomes popular in the gaming space, next comes Corporate America.  This is why you can get ahead of the curve and impress your colleagues (maybe even your children) and be the first to have a 3D Avatar of yourself.  Now on, you can create a virtual you (your own ‘3d’ brand), with only one picture of yourself.

I created this video for 3DVIA about how easy it is to create your personal 3D Avatar on (maybe my silliest video yet):

Communicating and collaborating online is real, many are already doing this:  Colleges are conducting online 3D classrooms, people are chatting in 3D online, virtual trade shows are becoming more popular.  The virtual world is the next best thing to being there (unless you can afford a Telepresense room), and…it’s Fun!

So, start here to build your online self today, and meet with others online using 3DVIA Scenes.  It’s all Free, thanks to the nice folks at 3DVIA!

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