Design School Miniseries Final Article: Playing Spiderman

By Charles
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I’ve dedicated this final episode to another project from one of The Nantes Atlantiques School of Design’s students. This blog post is for the forever-young…

For those of you who have always dreamt of being a super hero, flying with Superman, fighting with Batman and climbing buildings with Spiderman, YES, IT IS POSSIBLE!

The Spider Hero project has turned fantasy into reality for the forever-young whom have always wanted to have the same powers as Marvel’s SpiderMan. Flying over the city, jumping from one building to another, or staying still to contemplate the city from the sky… sounds exciting right?

The concept is that Spider Hero enables visitors to ricochet from one building to another on a cobweb in a virtual city.   It reproduces visuals and sound effects for more intense sensations and immersion.

This Virtual Reality application is based on a system using unexpected and unusual tools: a vacuum cleaner, a rubber tube, a servomotor, a WiiMote, a thread and a WiiBoard.

The user stands on the WiiBoard, which is equipped with movement sensors. He wears a glove connected to a rubber tube with a thread. Using a system that exerts a pulling force, he targets buildings or moves in closer until he almost collides with them, feeling the wind blowing around him. Just like SpiderMan…

The thread that the user holds stretches out to recreate the sensation of movement.

This project was presented during the Laval Virtual conference. Spider Hero was also worked on in collaboration with students from the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST).

I think these students are genius.  Would you like this kind of VR game?



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Design School Interview #1: Immersive Rail Shooter Game

By Charles
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To begin this Design School Miniseries, here is an interview of David, a young student and award winner… let’s discover what he has to tell us!

David, could you please introduce yourself?

Hello! My name is David Arenou and I am from Nantes. I study at the School of Design Nantes Atlantique, France. I am currently in my last year of studies and just did a 3D project. At the moment, I am doing my final internship at Alcatel Lucent and then I will graduate. And why not apply for a job at Dassault Systèmes?

Describe your “IMMERSIVE RAIL SHOOTER” project…

IMMERSIVE RAIL SHOOTER is my final School of Design project. What I came up with is a shooting video game. The central idea is that you have to hide to survive.  And to give the game a tangible dimension: you are in your living room or bedroom, where you place a video console, and the immersive rail shooter allows you to bring the belongings you have around you (chair, sofa, table, any object that you could use to hide behind), into direct interaction in the video game. You use these physical elements as real hiding tools. The only other thing you need is a camera for you to be detectable, and a fake gun or remote control to track your movement.

What is it about your game that really offers something new to a potential user?

The main evolution introduced in the game is related to the physical immersion aspect: you are completely in the game, with your body and your thoughts, and this is the huge difference with other projects. The game is a success when you forget that you are only in your room.

But how do you use the game?

You just put a chair in front of your body, and you imagine your body is in the virtual world; as I said before, you forget where you are.  You are in another world, you feel immersed.

Why did you choose 3DVIA Virtools to develop this project?

I chose 3DVIA for three reasons: first, because I learned 3DVIA Virtools in my school, so I was used to it and I already knew the software; secondly, 3DVIA enabled me to prototype my ideas very rapidly. Last but not least, I knew I needed a tracking system to detect the player, ARtoolKIT to track big markers. 3DVIA Virtools gave me the answer.  It made it easy and quick to compose and have access to a whole array of different choices and behaviors.

What does your winning Laval Virtual’s First Prize and Prize for the Best Interaction and Programming inspire you for the future?

I took part in the Laval Virtual Conference as a student competitor and I won the Virtual Fantasy Prize. It’s a great honor for me to have won this kind of award and I really want to express my thanks to the jury. This award tells me today: “Ok, David, this project is your thing, keep it up; maybe it will be your way for the future….”

David, thank you for visiting DS Campus and thank you for talking to us.

My pleasure !



Charles Bonnassieux works as Marketing Specialist for Dassault Systèmes

Carnival Treat: 3D Augmented Reality Preview!

By Kate
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Happy Carnival everyone!

To get you in the mood, I thought you’d enjoy a sneak preview from our Experiential Marketing Strategy team .  

With our partners Nestlé, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation and Blu Sky Studio (Ice Age film creators), we’ve created a truly international augmented cereal box experience. 

Check out these statistics to see just how global:

  • 53 Countries
  • 29 Languages
  • 26 MILLION Boxes!!

So unlike other experiential marketing projects I’ve blogged about, this is the first that’s soooo widespread.

Here’s a look at 30-seconds video about the Rio experience:

YouTube Preview Image

If you live in Asia, Latin American, Europe or Eastern Europe, chances are you’ll be able to buy a box of Nestlé at your local grocery store and play with “Rio” film characters Blu and Jewel.   

Here’s a Rio trailer to help you get to know Blu and Jewel better:

YouTube Preview Image

To see if your country is part of the Rio fun, check out the dedicated website:

And if you don’t live in one of the participating countries, stay tuned to 3D Perspectives.  I may be able to get my hand on some cereal boxes to give away.  ;-) 

Desfrute o carnaval hoje!


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