Experience Kung Fu Panda 2 in 3D Augmented Reality

By Agnes
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Kung Fu Panda 2 in 3D Augmented Reality

I’d like to introduce you to a new 3D augmented reality cereal box experience! ;-)

After our Rio 3D augmented reality game, the Experiential Marketing Strategy team, in collaboration with Nestlé and Dreamworks, developed another fun game based on the Kung Fu Panda 2 movie.

You know Po, the humble panda? He is back and this time he’s also on cereal boxes: lead him and his gang, the Furious Five, through this 3D video game… with a hand card only!?

The goal of this interactive game is to create the longest chain with Po and his friends and catch as fast as possible the traditional Chinese food bowls holding on the lanterns. But watch out the firecrackers and the cannon balls that can break the chain!

Here is a sneak video about the Kung Fu Panda 2 3D augmented reality experience:

YouTube Preview Image

Now let me share with you some interesting figures:

  • It’s the fourth 3D augmented reality experience developed in collaboration with Nestlé thanks to 3DVIA technologies (Chocapic, Arthur Course and Rio).
  • It’s the second one so global: it will be available on 33 million boxes in more than 50 countries… huge!!!

Try the game and let me know if you like this kind of marketing campaign. I DO and I’m sure it will change the way brands interact with their consumers.

(Btw, if you don’t have the cereal box, you can still download the tag and play directly on Nestlé’s dedicated website!)

Have fun!


Behind the Scene: Michel Desjoyeaux Serious Game

By Remi
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Michel Desjoyeaux Serious Game catia barcelona world race 3DS dassault systèmes sailing 3dvia virtools composer

Agnès and I.


I had a chance to catch Agnès, the one who’s in charge of Michel Desjoyeaux serious game. Marc blogged about it earlier and I thought you guys would enjoy a sneak look at what’s happening behind the curtain.

The game was developed with 3Dvia Virtools from the original CATIA design of Michel’s boat. So, if you’ve already visited it, now you know it’s the real one! ;-)

Plus, if you look closer at the game, you’ll realize Michel actually uses 3Dvia Composer to communicate with his team onshore when an issue pops up: they’re able to identify exactly which component has to be fixed.

Anyway, I’m not holding you longer, let’s hear what Agnès has to tell!

YouTube Preview Image

Did you learn something about how a serious game like this one is done? I personally did! :-)



From a PLM challenge to a 3D Serious Game

By Marc
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After having helped Michel Desjoyeaux in his PLM challenge by designing and building his 60ft monohull boat in less than 6 months, we made it possible to discover the strategic aspects of racing, learn how to handle a boat (even in difficult weather conditions!) and understand the main maneuvers to perform on a boat…

How? With a 3D serious game called “Offshore racing with Michel Desjoyeaux”! All within the context of a fun online game, it is possible to experience Michel’s life, accompanied by Mister Desjoyeaux himself who will give you some clues as well as anecdotes about his personal experience in a similar race. ;)

At this occasion, we decided to launch an online contest open until May 28th 2011.

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Prizes go from a day with Michel Desjoyeaux (limited to French participants only… sorry non-French people!) to winning high quality sailing jackets, bags, DVDs…

The goal is to be the fastest… So here are some tips for you guys:

  1. The race strategy: find the best balance between the shortest route and the strongest winds… and remember the shorter may not be the better!
  2. The life on board: manage properly the various stages of life on board the ship, it is as important as sailing!

Come on guys, it has to be a 3DPerspectives reader who wins!!

Tell us if you rocked the sea! ;)



Marc Pavageau is Dassault Systèmes’ online marketing and communication director.

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