#ECF09 Day 1: Dassault Systèmes Goes Organic

By Kate
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I’ve dashed into my room after the ECF keynote and press conference to blog while impressions are fresh.

The most succulent morsel so far is V6 organic architecture.

The idea is that rather than having to adapt to a predefined PLM configuration, you just download models to support whatever particular service and projects you have going on at the time. Easy-peasy, like kids say.

Along the buffet line between the salad and salmon I chatted with Bernard Charles about organic architecture. He smiled and told me it stems out of a discussion with GUESS. Hmmm, I’d like to learn more about that . . .

But meanwhile, the good news is that this goes into Beta later this month. Bernard referred to “it” as an ENOVIA that’s online and subscription based. He said Dassault Systèmes wants it to be as easy as connecting to Gmail.

And . . . a Dassault Systèmes-developed social innovation technology internally referred to as swYm will be part of the offer.

Which reminds me of one of Bernard’s keynote stories:

If a mechanical engineer is asked to solve a problem, he’s going to come up with a mechanical solution.

If an electrical engineer is asked to solve a problem, she’s going to come up with an electrical solution.

Only by working together can they come up with a hybrid solution.

The message is we need heterogeneous communities to truly innovate and build a bright future.

Dassault Systèmes hopes that ENOVIA online will provide the framework and applications to make it happen. But the innovating is up to you.

And as one of my friends said on Facebook last week:

The brain is like a parachute. It works best when you open it.

Isn’t that gorgeous?

More soon . . .



Social Innovation in Plain English!

By Jonathan
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You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother.

…said Albert Einstein.

Well, I’m hoping that you and your grandmother will be able to understand the benefits of Social Innovation after having watched this short video.

YouTube Preview Image

So, did you understand? Should I have explained it better? Did you like it?

Let me know your thoughts…

Sustainably yours,

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Video Games Will Make You Cross-Eyed!?!

By Cliff
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video-games-cross-eyedBack during the age of Pac-man and Pong, when ATARI was king, and the better games were all at the arcade, my mother would tell me that my excessive video game playing would make me cross-eyed.  I’ll never forget the day my father told my mother that playing video games would improve my hand-eye coordination and visual spacial ability.  Finally, my mother began to realize that I wouldn’t  suffer  Donkey-Kong induced brain-damage, or go cross-eyed from playing Pitfall.  Video-games might actually be good for me???

I’m sure many of you are like me, and your love of computer graphics began when you started playing video games as a child.  I watch my children and the 3D media that they are exposed to today, and I wonder what the future will be like for them.  Bernard Charlès says, “Our children will communicate in 3D”, and I agree, but will all of this new 3D technology improve the next generation’s lives, or visual spacial abilities?

“What would I do if I had the 3D games and design tools that my children have access to today”

I talk to many 2D artists and designers who say they are “intimidated” by 3D, and prefer 2D tools.  Will this change for the next generation?  I encourage my oldest son (9 yrs old) to use 3DVIA Shape as much as possible, and he was not intimidated one bit, but will this actually increase his visual-spatial ability?  Will he and the next generation prefer working in 3D over 2D?  I also wonder, “What would I do if I had the 3D games and design tools that my children have access to today”.  Would it actually make me a better designer or artist, or would I just be more cross-eyed?

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