RDV 10 a.m. @Virtual Corporate Headquarters for Big Announcement

By Kate
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It’s been awhile since we’ve had a good, old-fashioned debate on 3D Perspectives. Time to stir the pot!

My question is this: Do Virtual Worlds have real potential in the Corporate World?

I mean, do you actually think you’ll one day attend virtual conferences, expos, or meetings as part of your corporate job?

Is this truly the wave of our mainstream corporate futures?

Allez, let’s chat!

And if you’re too shy for chatting, please answer the poll below.



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A Different Kind of Virtual World: 3DVIA Scenes

By Cliff
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3DVIA Scenes has been recently mentioned as another Virtual World, but we must state that is not exactly the case. There are some major differences between other virtual worlds and 3DVIA Scenes…Here are four key differences between 3DVIA Scenes and other virtual worlds:

1- The Vision

2- The Open format

3- No software required

4- Social Development

Let me elaborate…

1- The Vision: We’re starting off with the basics.  Currently, 3DVIA Scenes allows anyone, at any skill level to create a 3D environment.  Eventually, 3DVIA Scenes will allow you to build amazing new environments for many purposes, from full realistic games to lifelike simulations.

2- An Open Format: Other Virtual Worlds have one trait in common:  proprietary formats.  3DVIA Scenes allows users to use 3D Models with common formats, such as COLLADA (.dae), 3DXML, 3DS, and many more.  3DVIA Scenes also allows direct export from Dassault Systèmes software such as CATIA, SolidWorks, and 3DVIA Shape to 3dvia.com, then directly into your Scene.

3- No Software required: Okay, so not exactly “no” software…The 3DVIA Player is a lightweight plugin for your web browser, but no extensive software is required.

4- Social Development: Yes, most applications are social, but 3DVIA Scenes is collaborative, allowing others to change your design, no matter where they are (we’ll, as long as they have Internet access).

As for an example:  This week, I produced this video simulation of my home renovation.  I wanted to allow my wife and others to walk through the redesigned kitchen, before it had been remodeled, and before we start tearing down the walls.  I was able to easily build this walkthrough using 3DVIA Shape (produced the 3D floorplan, lights, etc.) and 3DVIA Scenes (added the models).  I then, sent a URL to my wife, who was able to walk around the remodel herself.  We were able to discuss changes in the design online, in 3D.  This made it easy for her to make important decisions about the remodel before it becomes a reality.

This is the power of 3DVIA Scenes:  A 3D World which anyone can create, allowing common 3D format files, a collaborative environment, with a vision for the future.  This is the future of collaboration, training, simulation and gaming for the web.


For more detailed information on 3DVIA Scenes, it’s benefits, or if you are interested in being a part of the Beta Team, check out this post from Marc on 3dvia.com:  http://www.3dvia.com/blog/introducing-3dvia-scenes-beta-testers-wanted/.

A 3D Community Comes of Age, A Year at 3DVIA

By Cliff
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2009 was a very BIG year for 3DVIA. 3DVIA grew leaps and bounds this year, proving that users are responding to our mission of democratizing ‘3D for everyone’.  In 2009, 3DVIA.com grew to almost 150,000 users and our warehouse of 3D models grew to almost 20-thousand.  We also launched an impressive lineup of new products and services.

So much happened for 3DVIA this past year that a simple blog post might not do it justice.  Rather than mentioning all the great things that were accomplished this year, I created this video of many of our achievements.  Enjoy!

If you are interested in any of the products or services mentioned in the video, here is a quick list:


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