August Webinars: Smart, Efficient Oil & Gas And Chemical Plant Operations

By Matthew
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The Way Forward with Efficient Oil & Gas and Chemical Plant Operations:energy-plant

Smart Assets for Smarter Decisions

Changing requirements and regulations, rising cost pressures, and workforce turnover are making it increasingly difficult to operate complex production facilities and to reconcile production and maintenance priorities. In this webinar you will learn where the future is going with respect to these and other issues, enabled by the democratization of big data, allowing you to increase visibility of asset performance and improve operational metrics.

Join experts to hear the latest insights and have your chance to ask them the questions on your mind.

There will be two webinars – feel free to register for both:

August 18th
10-11am CDT (11-12pm EDT)
The Way Forward with Efficient Oil & Gas Plant OperationSmart Assets for Smarter Decisions

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August 18th
2-3pm CDT (3-4pm EDT)
The Way Forward with Efficient Chemical Plant OperationSmart Assets for Smarter Decisions

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The Power of ENOVIA User Group Meetings

By Matthew
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Listening. IMG_0057 IMG_0119 IMG_0120




These are some of the benefits of attending an ‎ENOVIA‬ user group meeting.

Did you attend the 2016 North American event this last June? If you did and are looking to get hold of the presentations, or simply want to learn more about our meetings, head over to our Collaborative Innovation community on 3DSwYm today to get the content and continue the dialogue in the comments section or if you have any questions, ask away in the iQuestions section of the community.
While there you will see that our event in South Carolina is NOT the only event we have held. We have had similar, corresponding events in France and Italy in addition to the events held earlier this year. They are all documented in the community on a dedicated page to make it easy for you to find.
Keep track of our Calendar of Events to see where an event that you are interested in will be happening and plan to attend.
Why? Check out the video for a whole host of great reasons!
YouTube Preview Image
Looking forward to seeing you soon at one of our events. Have your voice heard!

Join…engage…converse…ask questions…learn.

Hyperconnected Business in the Age of Experience

By Alyssa
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Hyperconnectivity isn’t simply a connection of things but rather the invention of a lifestyle. For the first time ever, human beings aren’t just exploring the existing reality: thanks to virtual worlds, we are at the same time imagining, mapping, modeling and engineering new environments.  These networked communities are creating disruptive opportunities throughout the business world.



The new issue of Dassault Systèmes’ corporate thought-leadership magazine, Compass, focuses on Hyperconnected Business in the Age of Experience.  A hyperconnected business model allows a company to bring together minds, ideas, solutions and information to unleash possibilities and imagine a world that didn’t exist before.  It explores questions such as: how will we inhabit the extended, hyperconnected world, and how will we live, work, produce, move, and interact in an increasingly networked society?


As the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes more widespread and raises the level of customer experience, a hyperconnected economy is emerging.  Communities will regularly collaborate to solve challenges.  Every company will need to rethink its fundamental assumptions about the business it is in, the services it provides and its relationships with customers, competitors and the world at large.

This issue of Compass features multiple stories about hyperconnected business, including a look at what companies like GE are doing to leverage the increasingly connected business that results from IoT. It also explores how the digital revolution may be contributing to a sluggish global economy and threatening the future employment of huge swaths of workers.  We also hear from experts such as Robert C. Wolcott, professor, executive director and co-founder of the Kellogg School of Management’s Kellogg Innovation Network (KIN) at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.

Robert Wolcott

Robert Wolcott

In our emerging competitive environment, business isn’t just about being connected or collecting data. Everyone’s connected.  Everyone has data.  What you do with it to understand and serve customers every moment, real-time –that’s what matters.  It’s a completely different mindset and way of running a business.”


We invite you to read this issue now to discover more!

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